QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0706

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Chapter 706: L-lady…

Ning Shu tossed Li Wen onto the dry grass and scooped some water into his mouth. Li Wen reflexively started drinking the water.

The gray furball stared at Li Wen.

Ning Shu stripped Li Wen down until only his underwear was left, revealing his well-built body. She then sprinkled some of the water on him.

Zhi looked at Li Wen in amazement, but she was more attracted to his clothes. She reached out to touch them, then exclaimed to Ning Shu, “Cao, look! This animal skin feels really nice! It even has things on it. What is it?”

Ning Shu: …

Every half an hour or so, Ning Shu would give Li Wen some water. The gray furball seemed to know that it was safe because it curled up into a ball on Li Wen and fell asleep.

She had actually encountered old acquaintances in this kind of world. It was seriously a strange feeling.

How did Li Wen end up here?

Li Wen woke up a day later. The first thing he saw when he opened his eyes was an extremely magnified ugly mug. He hiccupped and almost passed out again.

“L-lady…” said Li Wen tentatively. He had never seen a person this ugly before.

He then looked around and found that he was in a large cave. All the people around were ugly and there were even a few little tigers biting at his shoes.

Ning Shu watched Li Wen. He had shown a brief moment of fear in this unfamiliar location, but he had quickly calmed down.

We… I would like to eat something. Could you give me something to eat?” asked Li Wen.

Ning Shu nodded and got Li Wen a bowl of meat.

Since coming to this world, Li Wen had barely eaten anything so he was famished. The meat was just boiled in water and salted a little, so it had a very strong raw taste, but Li Wen still ate it with relish.

“Can I ask what this place is?” Li Wen spoke to Ning Shu, but Ning Shu remained silent and just looked at him.

How did you frickin’ get here?

“You don’t understand our… my words?” asked Li Wen.

Ning Shu finally said, “Who are you? How did you get here?”

“I came here because of this little thing.” Li Wen reached out to stroke the gray furball.

Ning Shu: ????

Bafflement was written in large letters on her face.

Ning Shu asked 2333, “What happened with this guy?”

After a moment of silence, 2333 said, “There are some strange existences in this world. This thing is probably a silver cloudsable. They live in space and their main staple are the remnant pieces of destroyed planes, so they possess the ability to freely travel through planes.”

Ning Shu: (⊙0⊙)

She grabbed the gray furball and flipped it back and forth to look at it. It was this powerful?

She lifted its back leg. Oh, it had a weenie. It was male.

The gray furball opened its eyes and kicked Ning Shu’s face, then jumped back onto Li Wen.

Something this powerful actually didn’t like her. She felt seriously speechless.

She had clearly been the first to encounter this little thing.

Li Wen sat down in the cavern to absorb the situation. He felt like his view of the world was being severely challenged. There were three suns, ten moons, and kids that could instantly transform into winged tigers.

Were they monsters!?

And he couldn’t understand what they were saying at all. There was only one person he was able to communicate with, and she was apparently this tribe’s chief.

Li Wen wiped at his face. What the hell was this place?

What made him the most depressed was the fact that he couldn’t do anything here. He couldn’t even hunt.

He was the emperor! Yet he was so useless. The ability to bring peace and stability to the country was completely useless here.

All he could do every day was wait to be bestowed a bowl of meat. It was really humiliating.

As Ning Shu took in Li Wen’s troubled expression, she inwardly lit a candle for him. She wondered what he’d do if it turned out that he couldn’t get back to his world.

The gray furball looked completely unreliable, so Ning Shu was pretty sure that Li Wen would be suffering plenty.

One thing that surprised her was the fact that Li Wen wanted to hunt with the group.

Ning Shu just looked at him with a disdainful expression.

Commanding others was one thing, but him hunting himself? Please stop joking.

However, for better or for worse, Li Wen was an emperor so he did practice martial arts to strengthen his body and would hunt occasionally. He felt that he would be able to help out a little.

Ning Shu didn’t try to stop him either and just took him along.

It was only when Li Wen came face to face with these animals that he sensed how truly ferocious they were. Every meal was truly a life and death struggle.

Right now, Li Wen really wanted to go home. He really really wanted to go home.

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