QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0628

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Chapter 628: I Lost My Child!

After about an hour, Mai Douer was pushed back out. Her face was as pale as the color of paper and she seemed almost lifeless as she lay on the bed. She looked extremely pitiful.

Ning Shu looked towards Mai Douer’s stomach. The little life inside was already gone. She never expected for Mai Douer to actually have the resolve to get rid of the child.

However, keeping the child would realistically be troublesome, especially when the child’s father didn’t welcome the child at all. Mo Juefeng didn’t want random cheap women to give birth to his children, and Mai Douer counted as a random cheap woman.

Once the anesthesia wore off, Mai Douer slowly woke up. Before she even said anything, her tears crashed down. She seemed very hurt.

Ning Shu handed the check to Mai Douer and said, “This is the check Mo Juefeng gave you.”

Mai Douer weakly lifted her hand to take the check. She wanted to rip the check, but in the end, she didn’t. She looked towards Ning Shu, her eyes red as she spat, “I suffered so much, but all I got was a hundred million and a role. I lost my child! My child is gone!”

Ning Shu: So annoying. So, so annoying…

She had signed the paper to get rid of the child herself. The way she was acting now was seriously infuriating. Was she trying to express her hurt and the guilt she felt towards this child?

Ning Shu didn’t feel anything when she saw Mai Douer so hurt. On the contrary, she even wanted to laugh.

The current Mai Douer was truly different. She was no longer that pure and aloof woman. If it had been the past Mai Douer, she’d never say anything like she only got a hundred million and a role. She had been someone that viewed dignity as more important than life.

“Rest up well. Humans have to look forward,” said Ning Shu mildly.

Mai Douer looked at Ning Shu and bit her lips for a while before she said, “Big Sis Chen, you shouldn’t have taken me to look for Mo Juefeng back then. If we had dealt with it privately, Mo Juefeng wouldn’t have left me. He wouldn’t have broken up with me.”

Ning Shu: …

So now it was her fault!?

Ning Shu said indifferently, “If you had wanted to get rid of the child from the start, you should’ve told me and I wouldn’t have taken you to the villa.”

That time, Mai Douer had clearly been hoping that the child could give her a future with Mo Juefeng, but unexpectedly Mo Juefeng turned out to be so merciless, so now she was regretting the fact that she had told him about her pregnancy.

If she hadn’t, they wouldn’t have broken up.

Basically, she just wanted all the benefits she could get.

Ning Shu felt that it was seriously sad being a manager. After working so hard for an entire night, she didn’t even get a word of thanks and even got blamed for everything. She seriously couldn’t understand why Mai Douer felt that everything she did for her was a matter of course.

Ning Shu replied mildly, “If you feel like this is my fault, I have nothing to say. Just remember that I’ve never gotten involved with your affairs with Mo Juefeng. You should rest up and recover soon. You have to film after all.”

Mai Douer felt very wronged when she saw how cold and indifferent her manager was. She felt like her life was completely messed up. She had been dumped by the person she loved, lost her child, and her manager was also bullying her now that she didn’t have anyone to rely on.

“Big Sis Chen, are you looking down on me now since Mo Juefeng has already broken up with me?” demanded Mai Douer, her eyes red.

Ning Shu: …

What kind of logic was this?

Could it be that Mai Douer thought that everyone in the world should try to curry favor with her just because she had gotten together with Mo Juefeng? And now that Mo Juefeng was gone, she felt like everyone was spurning her?

It felt like Mai Douer had gotten overly dependent on Mo Juefeng. Even if Mo Juefeng didn’t treat Mai Douer well, she couldn’t bear to leave him.

Mai Douer’s vision was starting to go black and her stomach hurt a lot too. It hurt so much that Mai Douer wanted to cry. Whenever she recalled Mo Juefeng, she would feel hurt from her very bones.

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