QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0974

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Chapter 974: A Filial Son

It was so infuriating. Ning Shu hammered her chest. Even if she had to save Xuan Hongyu, she definitely had to come up with some way to get revenge. Fudge, if she didn’t make Xuan Hongyu pay for this, there was no way she could bear with this anger.

Ning Shu seriously couldn’t understand why Eleven would offer up her own soul to save Xuan Hongyu. Xuan Hongyu didn’t treat her as human at all and didn’t care even the slightest about her life. Why was she willing to risk life and limb for Xuan Hongyu when he was like this?

Ning Shu didn’t understand this kind of fanatical loyalty.

Every time she encountered something she couldn’t resolve, she would find that she truly knew too little. If she knew how to change her appearance, then she could’ve easily left the city. In the future, she really had to learn more. She needed to learn how to properly disguise herself. If there was appearance changing pills in the system marketplace, she should also exchange for some.

However, what if one day she got a task in which she couldn’t use items from the system marketplace? That was why there was still a need to learn the skills for herself. The more she learned, the better.

These skills would allow her to handle tasks more easily and may even save her life.

Ning Shu sat and cultivated in a cellar. When she got hungry, she just took fasting pills and continued to train.

She’d occasionally head out to get ahold of some news and see if Xuan Hongyu had been found. As long as the guards at the city gates were still there, she knew that Xuan Xiaotian hadn’t found Xuan Hongyu yet.

Ning Shu wiped at her face. Xuan Hongyu was about to drive his younger brother crazy.

It had already been several days, near a dozen. Xuan Xiaotian who was supposed to ascend to the throne hadn’t done so. He pushed the date off with the reason that he had to first do the full twenty-one days of rituals for the late emperor first. He had to have the senior monks continue to chant the sutras so that his imperial father could enter paradise.

Even though the ministers said that the nation couldn’t be without a monarch and urged Xuan Xiaotian to hurry and ascend to the throne, Xuan Xiaotian refused to and insisted on waiting until after the twenty-first day. He said to wait until the late emperor was buried first.

No one could dissuade him, so they could only go with his will.

Xuan Xiaotian knelt in front of the late emperor’s coffin even day to watch over his spirit while having to continue to search for Xuan Hongyu and Shangguan Qingrou in private. There was no need to mention how anxious he was.

However, his good reputation of being a filial son started spreading.

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