QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0870

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Chapter 870: Going Home

She seriously didn’t know how the original host endured this. Ning Shu expressed that she couldn’t endure it.

When this family faced Miao Miaomiao, they were prideful, but also felt inferior. They all wanted to trample on top of Miao Miaomiao, especially Miao Miaomiao’s mother-in-law.

After breakfast, Zhang Jiasen’s mother said to Ning Shu, “Go feed the pigs first. I’ve already fed the birds. After you feed the pigs, go cut the ragweed.”

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu expressed that she didn’t have the American time to do these things. She needed to head back to deal with Zhang Jiasen, then these blood-sucking leeches.

Ning Shu nodded towards Zhang Jiasen’s mother, then said to Little Sis Zhang, “Didn’t you want the pajamas? Come with me to my room to get it.”

Little Sis Zhang immediately smiled and went with Ning Shu to the room. When Zhang Jiasen’s mother said this, her lips moved but in the end she didn’t say anything.

Ning Shu gave Little Sis Zhang the pajamas she had changed out of this morning. Little Sis Zhang stroked the pajamas happily and exclaimed, “This is so comfortable!”

Ning Shu said to Little Sis Zhang, “I’m not feeling very well, can you feed the pigs for me, then go cut the ragweed?”

Little Sis Zhang’s facial color immediately became a little bad and she said unhappily, “Mom told you to do those things. That’s your work. Since you’ve married into our family, you should listen to us.”

Ning Shu’s expression didn’t change as she pulled out a very beautiful bottle of perfume and said, “Help me please? I’ll give this brand name perfume to you.”

Little Sis Zhang hastily snatched the bottle of perfume from Ning Shu’s hand and opened it to take a sniff. Then she closed it and held it tightly, clearly not intending to give it back to Ning Shu.

“But Mom said to have you do it.” Little Sis Zhang’s expression was a little hesitant.

Ning Shu took out another bottle of nail polish. “I’ll give you this and also a makeup set. I really cherish these things. If it weren’t for the fact that I don’t feel well and need your help, I wouldn’t be able to bear giving them to you.”

“Fine, I’ll help you.” Little Sis Zhang swept all of these items off and hurried out of Ning Shu’s room.

Ning Shu locked the door, then shoved all her clothes and things into her suitcase. There was no way she’d stay here obediently and wait for Zhang Jiasen to come get her.

Leaving your newlywed wife behind in the countryside to head back to work on your own? It was clear that Zhang Jiasen didn’t want to stay with Miao Miaomiao.

“Little Sis, why are you the one feeding the pigs? Where’s your sister-in-law?” Zhang Jiasen’s mother’s voice appeared in the yard. Her voice was very loud. She was probably being loud on purpose for Ning Shu to hear.

Little Sis Zhang said, “Big Sis Miao isn’t feeling well, so I’m doing it for her. Mom, Big Sis Miao gave me some things to ask me to do it for her.”

“People from the city sure are delicate. They look pretty but only know to be lazy,” muttered Zhang Jiasen’s mother. Probably because Ning Shu had given Little Sis Zhang a lot of things though, she didn’t come to cause Ning Shu trouble.

Ning Shu stayed in the house until Zhang Jiasen’s parents left to do work and Little Sis Zhang went to go cut the ragweed. The younger brother-in-law was always in his room playing on the phone without doing anything else.

Ning Shu wrote a note, the content being that she was going home and not to look for her. Then she took her suitcase and quietly left. On the village street, she waited until a bus arrived, then bought a ticket and left.

In reality, staying in that house was quite suffocating. Could it be that it had never occurred to Zhang Jiasen that Miao Miaomiao would be scared and unused to an unfamiliar environment?

The car was very jolty. Ning Shu was almost about to throw up from being jolted around. That in addition to the fact that she hadn’t really eaten much this morning made her feel very flustered and she had to silently repeat the heart-clearing chant.

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