QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0696

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Chapter 696: Since This is a Trial…

When Ning Shu rushed over, it was just in time to see Qian Jia pounce towards the female beastman called Xie with a knife.

She bent down and grabbed a fistful of snow to throw it towards Qian Jia’s wrist. The knife was smacked out of Qian Jia’s hand by the force of the snowball.

Everyone looked towards Ning Shu and Zhi in shock. The instant Kai saw Ning Shu, he moved in front of Qian Jia protectively. It was clear that he was worried Ning Shu would hurt Qian Jia.

Ning Shu snorted. “Wow, look at you! Her official mates haven’t even moved yet and you’re already acting this way. How ridiculous. You shouldn’t forget that the divine maiden has vowed that she would never have a relationship with you in this lifetime.”

Kai’s facial color was very poor, but he didn’t say anything. All of Qian Jia’s mates were glaring vehemently at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu walked over and pulled Xie to her feet. Xie look at Ning Shu with a lost expression. Her legs had already gone numb from kneeling so she couldn’t stand.

Ning Shu shoved Xie into Zhi’s arms before picking up the Swiss Army Knife and looking around slowly at the crowd of beastman.

“Cao, what are you doing? Are you trying to save her?” Qian Jia’s eyes were filled with loathing as she looked at Ning Shu.

Ning Shu toyed with the army knife, then blew on it. The blade emitted a soft whistle due to how sharp it was. Ning Shu said coldly, “It’s sure funny that so many people are bullying a single, weak female beastman.”

“She caused me to lose my child. Why can’t I get revenge!?” screamed Qian Jia, her entire body trembling in rage. Rui walked over to hug Qian Jia comfortingly.

Ning Shu’s expression was indifferent as she slowly swept her gaze over the strong males present. She gave a cold laugh and said, “All you see is that Xie has hurt you, but you haven’t seen what Xie had to suffer because of you. You don’t know about how her mate had tormented her because of you.”

“Hey, which one is your mate?” Ning Shu asked Xie. Xie stared blankly at Ning Shu for a moment, then pointed at a tall, handsome male beastman.

His facial color was a little poor.

Ning Shu laughed coldly. Men were truly fickle by nature. He hadn’t said a single thing even though his mate was about to be killed by Qian Jia. He was probably even silently celebrating the fact that he could finally get away from this burden.

Ning Shu directly hurled the knife at that male beastman. It flew extremely fast, so before that beastman had the chance to transform and dodge, the knife had already stabbed deep into his shoulder.

He was even pushed back quite far by the force of the knife. Blood spurt out and spilled onto the white snow, causing steam to rise up.

Everyone stared at Ning Shu in shock. Ning Shu dusted off her hands as she said, “Since this is a trial, everyone that deserves to be punished should be punished.”

Ning Shu turned to look towards Qian Jia who was trembling in rage and said, “This male beastman wants to become your mate, but he already has a mate, so he started to think of his mate as a burden. A couple that were supposed to support each other ended up like this because of you. What right do you have to so righteously demand revenge? What right?”

“I…” Qian Jia started trembling even harder. “Did I make the male beastmen fall in love with me? They were the ones that fell in love with me themselves. Just because their own feelings started to waver because of me, does that make everything my fault? Does that justify taking my child’s life?”

Ning Shu laughed loudly even as her expression became even more disinterested. “It’s because you’re greedy. You possess so many mates, which caused… “ Ning Shu pointed towards the male beastmen around them. “Which caused all these male beastmen to want to become one of your mates.” They all wanted to sleep with the divine maiden.

This was brought about due to Qian Jia’s lack of principles. She had destroyed her own divine maiden halo and made it so every male beastmen wanted to sleep with her.

“Cao, what if I’m determined to kill her today to get revenge for my child? If you get in my way, I’ll kill you.” Qian Jia’s expression was very dark. “You know, I really hate you! I really really hate you!”

“Is that so?” Ning Shu smiled lightly. “Actually, I hate you too. I don’t know if you’re actually the divine maiden, but I do know that your arrival has caused the entire tribe to fall into chaos.”

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