QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0690

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Chapter 690: Returned with Someone From the Black Snakes Tribe

So Ning Shu turned around to check on the next person. She saw that there were two small holes on his leg. It was probably the bite of a snake. Ning Shu had heard from Wu that the people of the Black Snakes Tribe would raise all sorts of poisonous snakes.

Ning Shu used a sharp rock to cut the skin so that the smelly black blood would flow out. She used her hands to squeeze the wound until the blood became red, then stuffed a wad of medicinal herbs in her mouth and chewed it before putting the paste on the injury.

As for whether this would actually be an effective treatment, that would depend on the Heavens. This was as far as her abilities went.

Wu asked curiously, “How did you think of this?”

“We females bleed every month. The blood that comes out is dirty, so being bit by a snake is probably the same,” replied Ning Shu with a smile.

Wu: …

However, Wu felt that this was a pretty good idea so she helped with carrying out this treatment too.

It seemed to be effective, but it might also be connected to the fact that male beastmen had exceptionally strong bodies and recovered very fast. However, though they recovered, it wasn’t to the point that they could go fight again.

There were few male beastmen left in the tribe that could still fight.

Ning Shu gazed at the sky. So this was the meaning of a femme fatal.

After working for a very long time, they finally managed to treat all the injured.

Zhi walked with Ning Shu as she said, “Cao, you’re amazing!”

“You can be this amazing too. Just make sure to memorize the herbs.”

As Ning Shu walked through the tribe, she looked around. The wheat was almost ready to be harvested, but no beastmen was paying attention to these wheat. They were completely focused on snatching the divine maiden back.

Zhi was very interested in learning about medicinal herbs and was always asking Ning Shu all sorts of questions about them. Ning Shu always explained patiently because if Zhi possess this skill once she left this world, Zhi and the original host would be able to live a better life.

This world didn’t have writing so even if Ning Shu wanted to record information about herbs, it wasn’t possible.

So she could only make Zhi memorize everything.

Once the meat cured, Ning Shu and Zhi went to move the meat to the large cavern again.

As of now, there were already eight moons in the sky. Qian Jia still hadn’t returned and the wheat had already matured.

There were only females harvesting the wheat. The male beastmen seemed to have gone crazy. There was no way harvesting grains could compare to the issue of the divine maiden.

Ning Shu and Zhi went to help with the harvest.

Some female beastmen gifted Ning Shu some wheat, so Ning Shu didn’t bother to be polite. After drying them in the sun, she put them away.

The weather was getting colder. Even after her body had been changed by the strand of energy, she still felt very cold. It felt like the cold breeze went straight into her bones.

Zhi was now covered in layers of animal skin. When they slept at night, she was always hugging Ning Shu. Zhi liked hugging Ning Shu while sleeping a lot because it felt like she was hugging a big fireball, Cao was an endless source of heat.

So Ning Shu wasn’t able to sleep comfortably at all.

As things got more and more out of control, the tribe chief stepped forward to negotiate with Black Snakes Tribe.

Right before first snow, Qian Jia returned to Winged Tigers Tribe, but a man came with her.

This man had long black hair, exquisite features, and gave off the aura of a dark beauty. His eyes were like those of a snake’s so it made people feel a chill as if they were being eyed by a poisonous snake.

Stemming solely from the thirst for scientific knowledge, Ning Shu really wanted to lift this Black Snakes Tribe male’s fur skirt to see if he had two weenies.

Ning Shu saw that Qian Jia’s cheeks were healthy flushed and she was wearing a beast skin. She didn’t seem to have suffered at all. It was clear that she had been living very well in Black Snakes Tribe.

It was just that her mate Rui and the other male beastmen that liked her had been going crazy with worry.

Ning Shu was pretty sure that Qian Jia and this man from the Black Snakes Tribe had intercourse already. After coming here, he slept in Rui’s cave every day to compete with Rui for Qian Jia’s attention.

When Rui found out that his mate now had a relationship with this male beastman, he was extremely hurt. His worst fear had come true after all. As expected, the beautiful and capable divine maiden didn’t belong solely to him.

Jia said that she had been raped and he believed her. After all, how could Jia possibly fend off a male beastman with how delicate she was?

It was fine as long as she was back. Everything was fine as long as she was by his side. His heart would only calm down Jia was by his side.

Rui had unknowingly become extremely reliant on Qian Jia.

When Ning Shu heard that Rui had magnanimously decided to share Qian Jia with the male from the Black Snakes Tribe, her lips twitched hard even as her face remained expressionless.

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