QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0868

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Chapter 868: Honey-soaked Life Turned Tragedy

Miao Miaomiao was thinking that Zhang Jiasen’s parents counted as her parents, so she stayed. However, the days here were not pleasant at all. Miao Miaomiao was the miss of a rich family that has always led a pampered life, but Zhang Jiasen’s mother, Zhang Jiasen’s mother-in-law, had Miao Miaomiao feed the ducks, the pigs, and even go to the field to cut ragweed.

How could Miao Miaomiao possibly know how to do these things? She didn’t do them well, so her mother-in-law was always scolding her. Miao Miaomiao was thinking that this was her mother-in-law and Zhang Jiasen’s mother, so she was very respectful towards her.

Miao Miaomiao was waiting for Zhang Jiasen to come for her. Even though the Miao family parents called and told her to come back, she didn’t.

In the end, Father Miao had to pressure Zhang Jiasen to get him to bring Miao Miaomiao back.

When Miao Miaomiao got back, she worked hard to be a good housewife and learn to take care of Zhang Jiasen.

The situation shifted when Father Miao, due to a stroke, ended up in the hospital. Following that, his condition rapidly worsened and he abruptly passed away, leaving Mother Miao and Miao Miaomiao behind. As the Miao family’s son-in-law, Zhang Jiasen naturally acted to stabilize the company. He had to look after the company while looking after this pair of mother and daughter.

In reality, the company was already Zhang Jiasen’s. Probably due to being heartbroken, Mother Miao’s body became increasingly weak. After a year, she also passed away.

Miao Miaomiao felt like her world collapsed when her parents left her so suddenly and she became even more reliant on Zhang Jiasen. She even became a little bit high-strung.

Zhang Jiasen took Miao Miaomiao to a hospital to get a checkup and the results were that Miao Miaomiao had gotten a mental disorder due to too much stress.

One time, Miao Miaomiao saw that a woman was hugged Zhang Jiasen’s arm on the street, so without thinking, she rushed over to demand answers. However, as she was crossing the street, a car hit her and she was sent flying very far away.

The last thing Miao Miaomiao saw was Zhang Jiasen’s indifferent expression.

Miao Miaomiao’s wishes: She didn’t want to be tricked by Zhang Jiasen again. She wanted to protect her father’s property and make Zhang Jiasen who originally didn’t have anything end up with nothing.

After Ning Shu finished receiving the storyline, her expression was: →_→

How pure and simple was this girl?

For the first half of her life, Miao Miaomiao lived a life soaked in honey, but the latter half of her life was like a fancy tragedy.

This Zhang Jiasen wasn’t an ordinary character.

Fudge, it was seriously cold. Ning Shu wrapped the blanket even more tightly around herself. Very loud banging came from the door. The knocks were so hard dust was falling off the walls.

“Miaomiao, why are you still asleep?” Zhang Jiasen’s mother’s voice came from outside the door.

As Zhang Jiasen’s mother banged on the door, she kept shouting ‘Miaomiao!’

“I’m almost ready. I’m getting dressed!” shouted Ning Shu, then she forced herself to lift the blankets away and stand up. If she didn’t get up, this mother-in-law would just keep bothering her.

What this mother-in-law liked to do the most was to train this rich daughter-in-law, then boast to others that her son had married the daughter of a rich family and that she had trained this daughter-in-law very well, that this daughter-in-law did whatever she was told.

Other people would look at her with envy every time, which satisfied Zhang Jiasen’s mother’s vanity.

She couldn’t see that Miao Miaomiao respected her. She just believed that she was dominating this rich daughter-in-law.

“Are you ready or not? Why are you still not out?” The mother-in-law started knocking on the door again. The knocks were so hard that Ning Shu felt like she was about to break the door down.

Ning Shu got dressed, then opened the door to see an elderly middle age woman. Her skin was very dark and rough, and her face was so slim that her cheekbones protruded. The corners of her eyes and her forehead were filled with wrinkles.

When the mother-in-law saw what Ning Shu was wearing, she remarked darkly, “What are you dressed so nice for? You still have work to do later. Seriously.”

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