QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0692

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Chapter 692: A Feast of Beautiful Men

“Ge, time to eat.” Qian Jia walked over. When she saw Ning Shu, she just ignored her and pulled the Black Snakes Tribe beastman away by the arm.

Qian Jia couldn’t help but feel lacking in confidence whenever she faced Ning Shu because Ning Shu had said before that she would possess a lot of mates.

Back then she thought it was just slander, but now that there was Ge, Ning Shu’s words had come true, so Qian Jia felt slightly ashamed which made her loathe Ning Shu even more.

Ning Shu shrugged and just laughed.

There were now ten moons in the sky and it was cold enough to freeze someone alive. Snow fell nonstop.

It was snowing very hard as well. Ning Shu had never seen snowflakes this large before. Saying that they were the size of goose feathers was already a very generous description.

She had to clear the accumulated snow in front of the cave every day to prevent it from completely sealing the cave entrance.

The houses built in the tribe had already collapsed due to the weight of the snow, so in the end, Qian Jia had to move back into the cave.

One thing that Ning Shu hadn’t expected was that Qian Jia’s title of being the divine maiden attracted males from a lot of tribes. There were members of the flirtatious Green Foxes Tribe and even people from the Dragons Tribe. The people of the Dragons Tribe transformed into western style dragons though. There were also people from the simple Cows Tribe and the berserk Brown Bears Tribe. There were so many suitors that Ning Shu’s eyelids were twitching.

The members of the female lead’s harem were swarming over, and every one of them was the young tribe chief of their tribe, the future leaders of their tribe.

Ning Shu gnawed on a piece of boiled dried meat as she watched these people fawn upon Qian Jia. There were all sorts of men: demonically charming ones, despotic ones, manly ones, upright ones, gentle ones, seductive ones, and loyal ones.

It was practically a feast of beautiful men. Just the sight of them was enough to make a person intoxicated, and every one of them was very strong in the humping department.

This situation came about because the battle between Winged Tigers Tribe and Black Snakes Tribe had attracted the attention of the other tribes. When they heard that the tribes were fighting over the divine maiden, they came to take a look at what the divine maiden looked like.

In the end, the moment they saw her, they were captivated by the divine maiden’s pure white skin and beauty. After they tasted the delicious food that she had made, they refused to leave Winged Tigers Tribe.

The other females had no way of entering their eyes anymore.

Then there was the fact that they would always hear those suggestive sounds at night. It caused all the male beastmen’s blood to boil.

The first one to snap was the beastman from the despotic Dragons Tribe. He transformed into a dragon and directly snatched Qian Jia away. He flew to a place very far away, and in broad daylight, in the ice-cold weather and snow, with just one beast skin as a cushion, started a round of intimate contact.

The other beastmen searched frantically and almost overturned the entire tribe. They even searched Ning Shu’s cave to see if she had hidden the divine maiden away.

In the end, once the beastman from the Dragons Tribe finished enjoying himself, he finally brought Qian Jia back to the tribe.

When Ning Shu saw how rosy Qian Jia’s cheeks were, she couldn’t help but wonder why the out-in-the-wilderness intercourse hadn’t frozen her to death.

It was seriously too cold, cold to the point that even Ning Shu, this Unsurpassable Martial Arts practitioner, could barely stand it. However, it turned out that other people could still do dat in the snow.

Perhaps it was because the beastman from the Dragons Tribe helped get the ball rolling, because from then on, whenever a beastman wanted to have bodily contact with Qian Jia, they just kidnapped her and humped her in the snow.

Ning Shu even felt cold on Qian Jia’s behalf. Why not just do it in the cave? Why insist on doing it outside?

However, the result made her speechless. Not only was Qian Jia not cold at all, whenever she came back, there’d be steam above her head. It was clear that she was very nice and toasty.

As expected, exercising was the best way to generate heat.

Whenever Qian Jia wasn’t in the tribe, Rui’s facial color would worsen. He had become a lot gloomier during this time. Ning Shu had seen him wait at the tribe entrance several times, waiting for Qian Jia to return with another male beastmen.

Tsk tsk, he was sure pitiful.

Ning Shu had thought that after experiencing that np world, there was nothing that could destroy her view of the world anymore. However, now her view of the world had shattered again.

How could her worldview hold up to an np beastman world?

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