QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0867

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Chapter 867: A Poor Young Man and a Wealthy Miss

This was simply the story of a poor young man and a miss from a wealthy family.

The original host’s name was Miao Miaomiao. She fell in love with a worker at her dad’s company and in spite of her parents’ opposition, insisted on marrying Zhang Jiasen. Miao Miaomiao was an only child since her mother had lost the ability to have children due to losing too much blood when giving birth to her.

Hence the married couple naturally doted on Miao Miaomiao a lot. Due to this, Miao Miaomiao grew up with a very naïve personality. One time when she was going to her dad’s company, her heel snapped. A man walked over and helped her glue her heel back on, saving her from having to walk around in such an embarrassing state.

Zhang Jiasen was a taciturn and earnest man. He didn’t laugh at Miao Miaomiao’s predicament and simply helped her.

When Miao Miaomiao saw Zhang Jiasen in his white shirt and noticed that his collar down to his hands were perfectly clean, she felt that he looked very cool.

She snuck a peek at the worker’s ID that was on a blue string around his neck and noted down his name.

At that time, she was very excited. After that, she would often visit the company and soon became familiar with Zhang Jiasen.

Zhang Jiasen was the type who didn’t talk a lot but gave people the feeling that he could be relied on. After the two of them confirmed their feelings for each other, Zhang Jiasen told Miao Miaomiao about his family situation.

Miao Miaomiao didn’t show dislike for the fact that Zhang Jiasen’s family situation was complicated and simply felt heartache for Zhang Jiasen for having to support his entire family. He had to take care of his parents and also his younger siblings’ educations.

Later, when Zhang Jiasen asked Miao Miaomiao to marry him, Miao Miaomiao had agreed.

However, the Miao family parents refused to agree to it. Allow their beloved daughter to marry that poor brat? And one that had even come from some remote backwoods?

He even had an older sister and a bunch of in-laws. His family was so complicated, and based on Miaomiao’s personality, she wouldn’t be able to handle these interpersonal relationships.

However, Miao Miaomiao was determined to get married with Zhang Jiasen. The Miao family parents have always been doting towards their daughter, so when they saw that Zhang Jiasen was also pretty talented, they agreed to it. However, the condition was that the first child, regardless of whether it was a daughter or a son, must be named Miao.

In all honesty, what the Miao family parents did was looking down on Zhang Jiasen a little, but Zhang Jiasen had immediately agreed to it.

The Miao family parents even bought a house for the two. The house was very large and costed several millions. Father Miao was going to write Miao Miaomiao’s name on the title deed.

However, Miao Miaomiao felt that since they were about to get married and the husband and wife were one, both of their names should go on the deed. Even though Zhang Jiasen had rejected the offer, Miao Miaomiao still insisted on writing his name on the deed.

Thus, the premarital asset became a shared asset. Zhang Jiasen kissed Miao Miaomiao’s lips for the first time.

When they were dating, it had always been very courteous. If they were being a little more intimate, they would simply hold hands. The most intimate they had been was when Zhang Jiasen kissed Miao Miaomiao’s forehead.

The Miao family parents felt that for better or for worse, this man was going to be their son-in-law. If his position was too low, others would laugh at him, so Zhang Jiasen was first promoted to a section chief, then to a department manager, and now he was the assistant general manager.

He had barely been in the company for three years, so the rate at which he got promoted was like that of riding a rocket.

After the two got married, Zhang Jiasen brought Miao Miaomiao back to his family home. It was only now that Miao Miaomiao truly realized how poor Zhang Jiasen’s family was. The house was made of mud and everything was very old. They had to chop wood in order to cook and the air was always filled with flames and smoke. This was something that Miao Miaomiao never would’ve been able to imagine.

Zhang Jiasen stayed at home for a couple days, then prepared to head back to the city to go back to work. However, he left Miao Miaomiao behind saying that he wanted to have Miao Miaomiao interact with his family more so that they would become closer and that he’d come back for her soon.

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