QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0667

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Chapter 667: Found Bitter Crystal!

Qian Jia jumped around happily in excitement. When Rui saw her like this, he became even more worried.

Qian Jia wanted to confirm her guess, so she said to Rui, “Can you guys dig down here? The deeper the better. I want to see if there’s a salt mine here.”

Kai was the first to transform into his tiger form and start using his claws to dig at the sand. The other males then transformed as well and started digging at the sand.

“What are they doing?” asked Zhi, her eyes filled with confusion.

As expected of a female lead that had enough luck to touch the heavens, she was able to find a salt mine just from tripping. This area had already been here for a long time, but only the female lead was able to discover that it was a salt mine.

When the other females saw how stirred up Qian Jia was, they started asking her what was going on. Qian Jia smiled excitedly as she said, “This is something really good. Putting a little in while cooking will make food become very tasty, and it can even be used to salt meat and make meat stay good longer.”

“Wow! Really?”

“That’s amazing!”

When the beastmen heard this, they started exclaiming in admiration, then looked towards the male beastmen who were working enthusiastically with eager anticipation.

In the end, Rui hit something that made a clang. It was a white crystal. When Qian Jia saw this, she immediately ran over to hug Rui as she shouted, “There really is salt! There’s salt! This is amazing! This is great!”

Qian Jia happily kissed Rui’s cheek, causing Rui to grin infectiously as well. The other beastmen moved forward, wanting Qian Jia to kiss them too, but Rui kicked them away.

Rui sent people to notify the tribe chief. After a little while, the tribe chief arrived with Wu. When they saw the white crystal, Tribe Chief exclaimed excitedly, “Our Winged Tigers Tribe also have bitter crystals now!”

Since the taste of salt was bitter and salty, it was called bitter crystal. The tribe chief even had tears in his eyes.

Their tribe had never possessed this. Even when they went to other tribes to trade for it, the other tribes refused to trade this away. That was why the tribe chief was happy enough to cry when he found out that they had discovered a bitter crystal mine.

“Pa, Jia was the one that found this.” Rui hastily helped Qian Jia claim the credit.

“Wonderful, wonderful…” said the tribe chief with a smile.

“Tribe Chief, this isn’t bitter crystal, this is salt,” emphasized Qian Jia. What kind of name was bitter crystal?

“Alright, you were the one that found it, so you can name it whatever you like.” The tribe chief was very lenient towards Qian Jia.

Wu was also smiling as she knelt down to kowtow towards the sky while shouting, “The Divine truly is assisting the Winged Tigers Tribe!”

Ning Shu: …

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