QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0865

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Chapter 865: Intermediate Task-taker

Ning Shu added the attribute points to intelligence, luck, and martial arts. Intelligence was very important, and martial arts was equally important.

The stats panel reflected the changes.

Number: 2333

Name: Ning Shu (Primary Task-Taker)

Age: 27

Experience: 250000 (+150000)

Soul: 200

Life: 60

Intelligence: 100 (+10)

Charm: 3

Luck: 34 (+5)

Mental Strength: 120

Martial Arts: 55 (+10)

Faith: 6

Aptitude: 26

Merit: 36

Abilities: Five Rings Shooting Skill, Trashy Combat Skill, Trashy Beginner of Unsurpassable Martial Arts, Rudimentary Business Administration Knowledge

Acquired Titles: Goddess of War, Altruistic Ancestor

Halos: Benevolent Mother of the World (Empress’s blessing), Model Worker Sis (Chen Xi’s blessing), Chief Halo (Cao’s blessing)

After adding the attribute points, Ning Shu opened the system marketplace and first got some fasting pills, antidote pills, water, and medicine. These were all survival essentials.

She recalled how she had been bewitched by ‘Song Ning’. Although she had gotten a calmness halo, it wasn’t very effective. Ning Shu wanted to get something that would help her resist the allures of the external world.

She browsed through the marketplace and saw a manual with a heart-clearing chant. The heart-clearing chant had the effect of making a person’s heart calm and helping maintain a rational state. Its effect was even better combined with the calmness halo, so Ning Shu didn’t even bother to consider it before exchanging for it. She spent 50k points.

The task this time really wore Ning Shu out. Although her soul was no longer flimsy, she still felt very worn out. For the time being, she didn’t want to enter the task world, so she pulled out a book from the bookshelf.

This book was very thick and it recorded information on a lot of treasures, like the primal chaos stone and myriad world stone that Ning Shu had encountered. It recorded information on all sorts of strange treasures that made Ning Shu feel like her view of the world was completely being widened.

Ning Shu tried to memorize everything in the book, that way she wouldn’t end up missing treasures she encountered. If that happened, she would really puke blood.

While working on her task, she should work on gaining more resources. Forget getting anything like a heart with true love though. With her three points of charm, not even a dog would pay attention to her, much less humans.

Furthermore, she couldn’t bring herself to accept slipping away right after she obtained someone’s true heart.

She didn’t know how much time had passed, but she had finally finished reading the book.

She had a headache, but at the very least, she’d be able to recognize something good with one glance now.

After dawdling in the system space for a good while, she finally felt like doing a task again and she said to 2333, “Let’s enter the task world. Is it a man or a woman this time?”

“It’s a female entrustor,” replied 2333. “Hurry and level up to being an intermediate task-taker, that way you’ll be able to see the entrustor first. You’ll be able to talk to the entrustor face to face to make certain of the direction of the task.”

Ning Shu was taken aback for a moment. “You can see the entrustor before every task?”

“Of course. But right now you don’t have this right, and intermediate task-takers can also refuse entrustors. If the remuneration is too low, it’s perfectly acceptable to refuse the task. They can also negotiate with the entrustor.”

Ning Shu suddenly really wanted to become an intermediate task-take. She asked, “How many points do I need to become an intermediate task-taker?”

“Three million experience points,” said 2333.

Ning Shu: …

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