QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0431

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Chapter 431: A Little Game

However, they agreed on one thing. They had to come up with a way to stop Song Ming from ever bothering them again.

Su Manyu suggested to just kick him out of school. Ning Shu played with the soul pearl and thought for a bit, then asked, “What if he ends up seeing ghosts?”

“Seeing ghosts?” Su Manyu gasped in realization and dug out the cow tears. “Let’s scare this damned bastard to death.”

That night, Ning Shu invited Song Ming to the foot of the dorm.

Song Ming came happily, thinking that she had finally fallen for his charms. After all, she was inviting him over at night. His entire face was practically glowing from excitement.

When he saw that there were two people standing beneath the street lamp and that one of them was Su Manyu, he became a little timid. Su Manyu’s tongue was practically poisonous and her family had money. She pressured people to the point they could hardly breathe.

Song Ming tidied up his clothes, then put on a warm smile like a mask. However, his eyes were filled with disgusting lust.

Song Ming walked to Ning Shu and reached out for her hand, but Ning Shu coldly took a step back. Song Ming inwardly cursed at her. She was looking for a man in the middle of the night but still had the nerve to act reserved?

“Yutong, why did you ask me to come here so late at night?” asked Song Ming gently.

Su Manyu interrupted, “You’ve pursued Yutong for quite a while.”

Song Ming’s heart tensed up reflexively. Su Manyu never had anything nice to say when she opened her mouth.

“I really do like Yutong. I feel like she’s the only woman I’ll ever like in this lifetime,” said Song Ming passionately while gazing into Ning Shu’s eyes.

Su Manyu’s face turned blue and she almost retched. Ning Shu noticed and started laughing. Then she said to Song Ming, “We called you over today because we wanted to play a game. Are you interested?”

Song Ming saw the smile on Ning Shu’s face and was thinking that this country bumpkin was actually quite pretty when she smiled. It was just that she rarely smiled. Whenever she was facing him, she was always cold and frosty, so this sudden smile was actually breathtaking. He suddenly felt that it was worth all this effort to pursue her and decided to abandon her a little later.

“A game? This late?” Song Ming felt his lower belly heat up and the hot blood rushed to his face, causing his pimples to itch. He had to force his hands down to stop himself from scratching his face.

“A game with all three of us?” Song Ming glanced towards Su Manyu. Although he knew that it was wishful thinking, he couldn’t help but fantasize about them three, haha…

When Su Manyu saw Song Ming flush while looking towards her disgustingly, she felt the urge to scratch his eyes out. She had seriously never seen a man this disgusting before. He was a damned toad trying to eat swan meat. Even though he was pursuing Zhuang Yutong, he was actually looking at her this way.

Ning Shu looked away so that she didn’t have to see Song Ming’s excited gaze. This kind of man seriously had no face to speak of.

“Close your eyes, we’re about to start the game.” Su Manyu gritted her teeth and then gave a cold laugh.

When Song Ming saw Su Manyu smile, he immediately closed his eyes. His heart pounded excitedly and celebratory fireworks were practically going off inside his head.

Suddenly, something cold was wiped onto his eyelids. Just as he was about to open his eyes, he heard Su Manyu’s voice. “Wait, don’t open your eyes so quickly.”

Song Ming’s heart pounded as he kept his eyes closed.

“Alright, you can open your eyes now,” said Ning Shu mildly.

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