QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0415

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Chapter 415: Exchange of Gifts

When Su Manyu heard Ji Qingyuan defending Lin Qianqian, her facial color became even worse. She had been given a fright just now as well. If it weren’t for Zhuang Yutong, she would’ve already had to bid goodbye to the world.

When she saw that Lin Qianqian was curling up weakly like a white lotus flower so that Ji Qingyuan would defend her, Su Manyu’s anger exploded. She said coldly, “Ji Qingyuan, this is none of your business. Get out of here!”

“Su Manyu, how can you talk this way?” Ji Qingyuan became annoyed. “Did you eat an explosive or something? How can you say that the moment you walk in?”

Ning Shu asked, “This is the girl’s dorm, why are you here?”

Ji Qingyuan paid no attention to Ning Shu and just said to Su Manyu, “Lin Qianqian is my girlfriend, so I hope that you’ll respect her.”

“Why should I respect her? Who is she to me? Ji Qingyuan, you couldn’t be thinking that just because I like you, you can trample on me however you like? I should respect your girlfriend? I’d fricking respect your entire family!” Su Manyu started shouting as if she wanted to vent all the fear she had just experienced.

Ji Qingyuan’s expression turned completely black from anger. “Is there something wrong with your head?”

Su Manyu rolled her eyes. She glanced at Lin Qianqian, then spat. “Lin Qianqian, this is the first time that I realized how disgusting you are.”

Ji Qingyuan explained sternly, “I’m here because Qianqian is worried about you guys. She said that there was a ghost in this dorm, so I talked to the school and got permission to stay in this dorm for tonight to see if there really is something causing strange incidents.”

Su Manyu just laughed and glanced towards Lin Qianqian.

Ning Shu ignored the drama and made herself a cup of the medicine. When Su Manyu saw, she hastily said, “Leave me some.”

The dorm immediately became filled with a strange smell. Ji Qingyuan furrowed his brows. When he saw that Su Manyu actually wanted to drink that strange substance, he asked, “Su Manyu, what are you drinking? Why does it smell so bad?”

“It’s none of your business.” Su Manyu pinched her nose and drank the medicine. Then she took out a set of cosmetics from her drawer and gave it to Ning Shu. “Here, it’s for you. Thanks for saving me today. From now on, you’re my friend.”

Ning Shu considered it, then decided to accept it. There was no way she would reject Su Manyu’s show of goodwill. In addition, the host wanted to join this small group. Ning Shu took out a paper talisman that was folded into a triangle and gave it to Su Manyu. “This is for you. The shaman in my village had given it to me. You should keep it on you.”

Su Manyu practically snatched the talisman and shoved it into her pocket. “You’re not bad as a person.”

Ning Shu: …

#comment: Such a strange exchange of friendship… (>y<)

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