QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0581

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Chapter 581: Life of a Talent Manager

Ning Shu gathered up her attention to focus on reading through the original host’s thick notebook. There was a lot of information written in here. There were plans for every single talent she was managing and detailed analysis of each talent’s personality and what routes they were suited for.

All the work and work times for the talents were also recorded. Every single talent was carefully considered.

Managers like Chen Xi who weren’t well-known had the most tiring work since they had to look after a lot of talents. Gold medal managers who have already successfully produced a superstar could afford to be way more selective about who they took on next.

However, Chen Xi was only an ordinary manager. In simple terms, the job of the managers was to help the entertainment company earn money using celebrities and to help unearth new talents.

After Ning Shu finished getting a basic understanding of the overall situation, she felt a slight headache again. She sat on the bed to continue training, but there was seriously very little spirit energy in this world. Training here was nowhere near as satisfying as it was in the last world.

In addition, it was painfully hard to revolve her energy in this world. After getting used to easily crushing boulders with a kick, she seriously couldn’t get used to being so weak again.

Fortunately, the strength of this body was slowly increasing, so with some wrestling moves added on, it probably wouldn’t be hard to knock down a large man.

After training for the entire night, Ning Shu felt that her body had gotten a lot better so she got ready to head to work. At the very least, right now she still controlled Mai Douer’s fate and she intended to continue with the practice of putting her all into every occupation that she had to take up. Right now, she was going to do her best as a manager.

Perhaps one day she would be able to try all three hundred and sixty occupations.

Just as Ning Shu was about to head out, the doorbell rang. When she opened the door, she saw that it was the five talents she was managing and they were all holding fruit. The moment they entered, they made the small apartment feel a little crowded.

“Big Sis Chen, are you feeling a little better?” asked a man. He was quite young and looked to be twenty at most. His skin was very fair and he fitted the looks of currently popular teen idols perfectly.

Although he was young, he was quite clever. He was always asking Chen Xi for new appearance opportunities in order to gain fame.

Ning Shu said with a smile, “I’m much better. You guys don’t need to visit me like this, I was just about to head to the company.”

As Ning Shu spoke, she glanced over and spotted Mai Douer who was standing at the very back. Mai Douer was the type of girl with good proportions and a small frame. Her facial features weren’t very exquisite, but when they were all put together, it made her seem conspicuously pure and spirited.

That clean aura was what caught the original host’s attention. However, the original host never expected that not only were Mai Douer’s looks simple, her heart was just as simple.

After she went through all that trouble to help Mai Douer, in the end Mai Douer actually held a grudge against her.

“Big Sis Chen, why don’t you rest for a while longer? We can just go to the dance studio to practice our forms. It’s fine,” said Qiao Yi. Her tone was sincere, but her manner also contained some fawning.

The entertainment circles paid a lot of attention to seniority and Chen Xi currently possessed some resources. However, Chen Xi managed a lot of talents, making it inevitable that not everyone got the benefits, so there was quite a lot of fighting going on beneath the surface.

“That’s right. Big Sis Chen, you should focus on recovering. We’d feel bad if your cold got even worse from having so much work,” said the little fresh meat, Xiao Yi, in agreement.

All the talents expressed their concern for Ning Shu in turn and Mai Douer was the only one left. Qiao Yi nudged Mai Douer a little, so Mai Douer walked up a little and said, “Big Sis Chen, I’m sorry. I was the one that implicated you this time.”

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