QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0482

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Chapter 482: Passing Off the Responsibility

Ning Shu said ‘en,’ then changed the topic. “Place some mousetraps in your room. The little fox often runs around. It might even have heard what we said just now.”

She poked Huo Chengwang’s forehead. “Come up with ways of your own to torment the little fox. Do it in a way that it can’t complain to your imperial father about. Make it suffer in silence. Chengwang, use your own ways to get revenge for the puppy.”

“This subject son understand.” Huo Chengwang nodded with a dark look.

That night, Huo Qing went to visit Imperial Noble Consort Xuan. This time, the little fox didn’t get angry and waited obediently in the imperial study for Huo Qing to come back. She knew that there was no way Imperial Noble Consort Xuan could serve Huo Qing in her current state, so she magnanimously allowed Huo Qing to go.

When Noble Consort Xuan suddenly became Imperial Noble Consort Xuan, the little fox couldn’t help but suspect that Imperial Noble Consort Xuan knew from the start that she couldn’t keep the child and had taken advantage of this to pin the crime on her. She had only knocked into her a little after all. How could a miscarriage happen so easily?

The women of the inner palace were truly malicious.

Huo Qing only sat in Imperial Noble Consort Xuan’s palace for a little while before leaving. Before he left, he said a few heartwarming words to Imperial Noble Consort Xuan in concern.

However, Imperial Noble Consort Xuan was cold and indifferent the entire time. Huo Qing didn’t mind and just took it as Imperial Noble Consort Xuan was too hurt and angry with the little fox. Huo Qing believed that he had already compensated her enough. After all, he gave her the lofty status of imperial noble consort.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan watched as Huo Qing left, then bit her lips and clenched the blankets so hard her entire body trembled.

“Your Highness, it’s time for your medicine.” A maid carried a bowl of medicine over.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan took the bowl with a cold expression and drank it in one breath before angrily throwing the empty bowl to the ground. It shattered and broken shards flew everywhere.

Damned beast!

After Huo Qing left Imperial Noble Consort Xuan’s palace, he went to Ning Shu’s palace. Ning Shu was shocked to see Huo Qing. Why had he come here instead of flirting with the little fox?

“This subject wife greets Your Majesty.” Ning Shu curstied with a smile like she was pleasantly surprised to see him.

When Huo Qing saw the happy smile on Ning Shu’s face, he was slightly disgusted and started to regret coming here. If Hu er found out that he had visited her, she’d be angry again.

“As the empress, you should pay more attention to the matters of the inner palace. The imperial noble consort just suffered a miscarriage, so look after her.” After saying that, Huo Qing said that he had to look at the memorials and ran off.

Ning Shu almost spat in Huo Qing’s face. She had seriously never seen such a disgusting man before. He seriously took this ma’am to be the damned housekeeper? He’d flirt and spend all his time being romantic while the woman of his that just had a miscarriage was left for her to deal with? Seriously!

Could she commit regicide!?

When Huo Qing got back to the imperial study and saw that the little fox was waiting for him, his heart warmed. He felt like Hu er was the only special one in this cold imperial palace and that she was the only thing that brought brilliant color to his dull life.

Huo Qing doted on the little fox and willingly offered everything he had to the little fox.

Huo Qing hugged the little fox and had her face him as he murmured, “If only you were a person.”

The little fox licked Huo Qing’s cheek. She wished that she was a person as well, but the transmigration god had her transmigrate as a fox. She didn’t want the body of a fox at all!

“Hu er, we’ll definitely think of a way,” vowed Huo Qing.

The little fox didn’t understand what Huo Qing meant, but she licked his cheek again in agreement. His soft skin was really nice. It tasted like a gelatin dessert.

His lips were especially tasty. If she had been a human, she definitely would’ve already eaten him from head to toe already. However, right now that all she, this lusty woman, could do was look.

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