QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0550

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Chapter 550: PDA

Ning Shu grinned towards Xie Yu, “Since you two won’t be trying to subdue the celestial residence, then excuse me for going ahead.”

“This senior brother, you don’t have a jade tablet, so how do you plan on subduing the celestial residence?” When Liu Yuanyuan heard that Ning Shu wanted to try and subdue the celestial residence, her eyes immediately filled with a cold, baleful expression.

Ning Shu spread her hands out as she replied, “Who said that only the people with a jade tablet can subdue the celestial residence? Didn’t that person end up being devoured by the celestial residence despite having a jade tablet? The fact that I was able to get to this place means that I have fate with this celestial residence. All treasures have their fated masters and I’m that fated master.”

“As long as I’m here, you’ll never have a chance to subdue this celestial residence,” said Xie Yu coldly. Then he turned towards Liu Yuanyuan and said, “Yuanyuan, try to subdue the celestial residence.”

Yuanyuan? Ning Shu looked at the two of them. They had barely been together for an hour and they were already addressing each other in such an intimate way. Xie Yu’s skill at flirting sure wasn’t anything to sneer at.

After what happened to the man in the changpao, Liu Yuanyuan was a little hesitant. She felt that the celestial residence would be hard to subdue and she couldn’t fully trust that Xie Yu was sincere in giving her the celestial residence.

“What if I succeed in subduing the celestial residence?” asked Liu Yuanyuan like a little girl that was testing her lover.

Xie Yu smiled and said warmly, “If you succeed, then it means the celestial residence belonged to you from the start. There’s plenty of miraculous encounters and treasures in this world. Even if I don’t get the celestial residence this time, there’ll be chances to encounter even better things in the future.”

Liu Yuanyuan blushed slightly. “Are you really sincere?”

“Of course.” Xie Yu nodded firmly.

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu found that she had been completely ignored again. They were making public displays of affection like no one was around, she really wanted to just burn them to death!

Liu Yuanyuan took a deep breath, then shook her head. “I have a feeling that I won’t be able to subdue this celestial residence. You should try instead. I’ll keep watch for you and I won’t let anyone harm you,” said Liu Yuanyuan as she shot Ning Shu a warning glare.

“I can sense that this celestial residence belongs to you. Don’t doubt my feeling, my intuition has always been very sharp. One of my innate skills that I can vaguely predict the future.” Liu Yuanyuan’s gaze contained warm light as she looked towards Xie Yu.

“Yuanyuan, thank you.” Xie Yu took Liu Yuanyuan’s soft hands, touched.

Liu Yuanyuan said with a smile, “Hurry and go subdue the celestial residence.”

Ning Shu: I’m being ignored again.

And she had to watch them flirt again.

Right as Xie Yu was about to start subduing the celestial residence, someone rushed into the palace. When that person saw the core, he cried out, “The celestial residence! It’s the celestial residence…”

Following that, more and more people rushed into the palace. When they saw the revolving core, their eyes filled with scorching light.

Ning Shu looked over. Although a lot of people had made it here, a lot more had probably died in the various traps. This crowd was much smaller than the initial crowd that had rushed in.

There was barely one tenth of the original group left. All the weak ones had died.

When they saw the core, some of them immediately moved to insert their consciousness into the core to subdue the celestial residence, but they ended up just like the man in the changpao.

The person that was rebuffed by the celestial residence started bleeding from all seven apertures, then collapsed onto the ground, his eyes open lifelessly wide. Several people fell in quick succession and it immediately dumped a bucket of cold water on their excitement.

The palace fell silent. Everyone stared in alarm at the revolving core. They hadn’t expected for something like this to happen.

Ning Shu observed the corpses. Their pupils were dull so it seemed that their souls really had been devoured. She then stared at the revolving core. Perhaps the master of the celestial residence hadn’t died at all and was currently hiding in this core. Whenever someone tried to subdue this celestial residence, he would devour their soul.

If he found someone extremely talented, he’d probably try to possess them. Ning Shu glanced at Xie Yu.

There were still more people coming in. Xie Yu’s facial color became a little poor when he saw that the palace was gradually filling up with people. Liu Yuanyuan consoled him and said, “It’s no use even if there’s a lot of them. This celestial residence definitely belongs to you. Trust me.”

Xie Yu smiled towards Liu Yuanyuan.

Ning Shu didn’t bother to watch the two flirt anymore and turned to observe Shi Huidi and the little tigress Yan Jiao. Those two were very calmly watching the man they liked flirting with another woman.

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