QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0401

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Chapter 401: Even Uglier in Broad Daylight

After Ning Shu cut the garment into shreds, the spirit became infuriated and the wind grew so strong that the window started shaking violently until the glass finally shattered.

She started hearing a sharp crackle of electricity that felt like it was going to shatter her eardrums. She crouched down, covering her ears with her eyes closed.

The Ouija spirit was probably angry due to the humiliation. However, as of now, Ning Shu really felt like there was nothing much to be scared of. As 2333 had said, it was nothing but a slightly malicious spiritual body.

Once a person overcame their innate fear, it was no longer scary.

Knock knock knock… Sounds of knocking came. Ning Shu opened her eyes to find that the dorm was once again calm. The ruined scraps of clothing on the ground were gone, replaced by shattered pieces of glass. However, that eerie chill still seemed to linger and the area around her throat felt especially cold. She couldn’t help but wonder if the ghost was currently trying to choke her.

Ning Shu started revolving the energy in her body again as she went to open the door, only to find that the teacher in charge of the dorm was standing there. She looked displeased as she asked, “What were you doing just now? How did the window break?”

“Sorry, I used too much force when closing the window earlier, then the glass shattered. I’ll clean it up right away.” Ning Shu didn’t try to explain and just apologized.

The teacher became less stern when she saw that Ning Shu straightforwardly apologized. She just told her to clean it up as soon as possible, then said, “There’s someone waiting for you downstairs.”

Ning Shu was surprised. Someone was waiting for her?

When she got downstairs, she saw that Song Ming was standing under a tree and her expression became annoyed.

She turned around to head back to the dorm. When Song Ming saw that Ning Shu was leaving, he hastily ran over to grab her. “Why are you running at the sight of me?”

“I’m not running, I just don’t want to see you. Don’t hover around me, otherwise I will cripple you.” Ning Shu’s eyes were completely cold. She really didn’t want to get involved with this person.

There was no way someone who would touch a girl’s leg on their first meeting was a good person. If it were up to her, she would’ve already started swinging a whip at him.

Perhaps he wouldn’t touch other girls’ legs and had only done it to her because he thought that she would be easy to bully since she came from the countryside. There was no way a bastard like this was a good person.

She already had an impression that he was ugly from last night, but now that she saw him in daylight, she found that he was actually uglier than she had imagined. His face was filled with acne and there was a disgusting collection of pimples beneath his chin.

Ning Shu: →_→

Song Ming looked Ning Shu over. Although she wasn’t dressed very well, she had a simple beauty. She was probably still a virgin, so he should hurry and take her.

“I asked you to become my girlfriend yesterday, have you finished considering it?” Song Ming’s gaze swept across her chest.

Ning Shu, for better or for worse, had experienced several worlds and was very clear on what this guy was thinking.

Consider? The f*ck would I consider? Ning Shu grabbed him by his collar and said coldly, “Quit hovering around in front of me. You want to sleep with this ma’am? You’re so ugly that people would lose their appetites just from the sight of you.”

Song Ming’s expression twisted and he flung off Ning Shu’s hand indignantly. “What are you so proud of? You’re just a country bumpkin, do you really take yourself to be someone popular? I was just taking pity on you because you seemed to be having it hard, but you really let it go to your head, huh?”

Seriously, there were crappy men everywhere.

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