QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0536

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Chapter 536: Such Alluring Hands

Liu Qinyang glared at Ning Shu, then took out his spirit weapon to start fighting the ironback wolves. The others also started looking around to try to find a weaker area where they could break out from this encirclement.

No one paid any attention to Ning Shu. It was clear that if they were able to successfully make it out, they wouldn’t come back for Ning Shu.

Tsk tsk. And they had been lecturing her about loyalty to the sect earlier. They clearly had no sense of loyalty to the sect. All cultivators were exceptionally selfish. For the sake of pursuing supreme strength, for the sake of cultivation, for the sake of reaching their goals, they became very indifferent to others and very selfish.

Even if these people managed to become celestials, what would they really have?

Ning Shu had the lightning wind eagle fight. The lightning wind eagle soared into the sky, then abruptly charged down and snapped up an ironback wolf with its sharp beck. The ironback wolf instantly died from having its spine snapped.

Ning Shu took a deep breath, then clenched her fist and punched the wolf that had pounced towards her. Her punch hit the wolf’s head and it instantly exploded. Even its body was smashed to pieces.

Ning Shu was very moved. Her strength had seriously increased a lot. This meant that she didn’t have to use any complicated fancy moves and can just use her bare hands to severely injure things that didn’t have high defensive power.

To test out her strength some more, she punched the back of another ironback wolf. The wolf collapsed limply to the ground. All the bones in its body had shattered.

As Ning Shu clenched her fists, she really wanted to tilt her head back and roar at the sky. The sensation of overflowing with power was sure great! She didn’t have to worry about being killed by Xie Yu anymore and she might even be able to challenge killing him!

Liu Qinyang saw what Ning Shu did out of the corner of his eye and was so stunned that his jaw dropped. This was the trash that only knew to play with women while relying on his father’s protection? He had killed a wolf with one strike! Liu Qinyang couldn’t help but wonder if he was dreaming.

Although it was also easy for him to kill these wolves, even an elephant could be taken down with enough ants. He was a little overwhelmed by this number of ironback wolves. However, that trash had actually been able to deal with these wolves this easily.

The reason why ironback wolves were named this way was because they had very high defensive power. Of course, all the spirit beasts in this dungeon had very high defensive power. Even irontooth rabbits had very high defensive power. But now, one of these species were being killed with a single punch.

The simple and crude method shook Liu Qinyang’s view of the world. How the fuck was this guy trash? If he was, what would they be!?

The other disciples also noticed what Ning Shu was doing and their jaws were about to fall off. Why was it so easy for him to kill these wolves?

They all gathered by Ning Shu’s side without a word in order to fend off the wolves with her.

Ning Shu and the lightning wind eagle were quickly able to make the place become filled with the corpses of the ironback wolves. The other ironback wolves lowered themselves submissively as they whimpered at Ning Shu while backing away. Finally, they turned and ran with their tails between their legs.

Everyone sighed in relief when they saw that the ironback wolves had left. Then they turned to look towards Ning Shu with complicated expressions.

Ning Shu casually grabbed a bunch of grass to wipe the stinky blood off her hands. A female disciple handed Ning Shu a handkerchief and said, “Junior Brother, use this handkerchief.”

Ning Shu didn’t bother to be polite and wiped her hands with the handkerchief until her hands were completely clean. She looked at her hands. They weren’t very large and didn’t look very strong. The original host had maintained very soft and fair hands, but now these hands possessed such strength.

The dragon energy inside her dantian had probably changed the constitution of this body and now she seemed to be filled with an explosive energy.

The others were also staring at Ning Shu’s hands. It was hard to imagine that these women-like hands actually had such power. They suddenly felt that these hands were filled with charm, that they were filled with the beauty of strength.

Liu Qinyang smiled towards Ning Shu brightly. “Junior Brother Wei, I never thought that you were actually so strong! How come we never heard about this?”

Ning Shu paid no attention to him, so he felt a little awkward. However, he still pressed on. “Where’s Junior Brother Wei going next? Let’s go together?”

“That’s right, we’re disciples of Heavenly Law Sect so it’s normal for us to travel together.” The other disciples invited Ning Shu very sincerely.

This was what strength was like. Only those that were strong could obtain people’s respect.

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