QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0514

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Chapter 514: For a Primordial Crystal Mine

Ning Shu decided to magnanimously fulfill the wishes of those two. If she didn’t marry Shi Huidi, then Xie Yu wouldn’t crash the wedding and Wei Ming wouldn’t be injured by Xie Yu.

Wei Ming was shocked and he seized Ning Shu up. “Brat, did you go dumb from being beaten by Shi Huidi? Didn’t you like that girl a lot?”

“She hates me a lot. During the competition, she seriously wanted to kill me! If it weren’t for the armor you gave me, I would’ve already died at her hands.” Ning Shu shook her head. “She doesn’t like me.”

Wei Ming slapped the table with an indignant expression. “I told you that Shi Huidi was too haughty and wasn’t compatible with you, but you insisted that you liked her. Iridescent Sect just happened to want to work with Heavenly Law Sect on opening up a primordial crystal mine and so we agreed on this engagement.”

Primordial crystals were used to cultivate in this world. They contained the world’s primordial energy and those who cultivated had to absorb this. Possessing primordial crystal mines was strongly related to a sect’s prosperity.

“This woman’s vicious and merciless. You’ll end up suffering sooner or later at this woman’s hands.” As Wei Ming spoke, he shot Ning Shu another frustrated glare. “Stop hanging out with the female disciples that have impure intentions.”

Ning Shu: …

“Then my engagement with Shi Huidi?” What Ning Shu cared about was whether they could break off the engagement or not. If she was going to fight over a woman with the male lead, that was pretty much like stating that she was tired of life.

Wei Ming looked towards Ning Shu seriously. “How could something as important as a marriage be decided so easily? Do you think the engagement can be broken off just because you want it to be broken off?”

Ning Shu opened her swollen eyes wide as she asked, “Then what do I do? I don’t want to be beaten by Shi Huidi again.”

“I’ll go talk to the sect leader and see what he says.” Wei Ming sighed. “Train more in your free time. The reason why Shi Huidi’s not interested in you is because you’re useless. Don’t you feel embarrassed being looked down upon by a woman?”

“Alright. Dad, my chest hurts. Do you still have medicine?” It was an very complicated feeling to tell a man that her chest hurt.

When Wei Ming heard his son say that his chest hurt, he directly pulled off Ning Shu’s clothing. Ning Shu was startled and hastily covered her chest as she shouted, “What are you doing!?”

“Why are you covering your chest like a girl? I’m checking to see what’s wrong with your chest,” replied Wei Ming, annoyed.

Ning Shu: …

Fudge, it felt like her understanding of the world was shattering.

Ning Shu lowered her hands and looked down as well. She found that there was a clear palm print on her chest. No wonder it had hurt so much.

Wei Ming’s expression turned cold. “Shi Huidi is truly ruthless. You useless thing. How can you become so weak every time you see this woman?”

He handed her a bottle of pills. Ning Shu took the bottle and said in a pitiful manner, “Dad, I don’t want to be beaten to death by Shi Huidi. You have to break this engagement off for your son.” The rims of Ning Shu’s eyes turned red and she looked about to cry. The original host had always acted spoiled this way in front of his dad.

“How did I end up having a kid like you? It’s all because I spoil you too much. From tomorrow on, you’re not allowed to take a single step out of this room. You’re only allowed out once you get to the level of spirit master. At that time, Dad will get you a contract beast.”

Ning Shu replied ‘oh.’ There were a lot of spirit beasts in this world, and there were even god beasts. Making a contract with a spirit beast increased one’s combat power by a lot. For example, the male lead Xie Yu had a god beast that was extremely strong, but Xie Yu was very low-key and usually had his god beast pretend to be a useless spirit beast so that they could catch people unaware.

“Dad, don’t forget about the engagement!” shouted Ning Shu.

Wei Ming was very strong and was ranked as one of the best in the entire Heavenly Law Sect. If this hadn’t been the case, there was no way that Wei Liangyue, this rich brat, would’ve been able to be like a fish in water in Heavenly Law Sect with henchmen following after him all the time.

Ning Shu tapped out a pill and swallowed it. She immediately sensed a cool energy flow through her body that gradually repaired it.

She revolved what little primordial energy she had in her body and slowly dissolved the pill’s energy. Once the pill’s effect ran out, she shoved another pill into her mouth.

She didn’t head out at all and hid in her room to recover from these injuries while training. When Wei Ming came to check on his son and found that his son was actually training seriously instead of messing around with a woman, he was so shocked that his eyes almost fell out.

He understood his son well. His son was the type that couldn’t take the slightest bit of suffering. The fact that he had calmed down and was willing to train meant that he must’ve been severely traumatized by Shi Huidi.

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