QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0413

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Chapter 413: Bitch Fight in the Morning

There were so many ghostly figures outside that it felt as creepy as the cemetery. Ning Shu was barely able to get enough sleep that night, because Su Manyu was clinging to her like an octopus. She couldn’t even peel her off.

When morning arrived, Su Manyu finally let go of Ning Shu. Her face was a little red as she said, “You’re pretty warm. I’m going to sleep with you from now on.”

Ning Shu: →_→

“The bed’s pretty small. There’s no need to squeeze together.” Ning Shu refused.

Su Manyu lifted her chin. “Zhuang Yutong, you should be honored that I’m willing to sleep with you.”

Ning Shu: …

She could do without that honor.

When Ning Shu got off the bed and saw that Lin Qianqian’s face was deathly pale and she was staring blankly into space, she hastily asked, “Lin Qianqian, are you ok?”

Lin Qianqian only came back to her senses at this moment. After gulping, she asked, “Last night, did you guys see or hear anything?”

Su Manyu sat on Ning Shu’s bed and started fixing her hair as she replied scornfully, “Of course we heard it and saw it. I told you that there was a ghost in this dorm.”

Lin Qianqian’s face became even paler and she burst out crying. However, Su Manyu’s tone just became even more scornful. “What’s the use of crying now? Zhang Yuyan is already dead.”

Lin Qianqian looked up towards Su Manyu, her usually spirited eyes frighteningly dim. “How could you say that I was the one that brought this ghost here? And Zhang Yuyan committed suicide because of having to comply to the unspoken rules.”

“I know that you like Ji Qingyan and that’s why you keep targeting me.” Lin Qianqian glared at Su Manyu, “You’re just trying to steal him by pinning the blame for this on me, but the police won’t believe anything you say.”

Su Manyu threw Ning Shu’s pillow at Lin Qianqian and it hit Lin Qianqian on the head. The pillow wasn’t heavy so it didn’t really hurt, but Lin Qianqian felt humiliated by this and spat through gritted teeth, “Su Manyu, you shouldn’t go too far!”

“What do you mean by too far? I was the one who had met Ji Qianyuan first. I admit that I like Ji Qingyuan. You had managed to meet Ji Qianyuan because of me and you ended up snatching him from me. Do you think a poor person like you would’ve been able to meet Ji Qianyuan without me?”

Ning Shu: …

Why were they starting a bitch fight so early in the morning? And the way Su Manyu spoke was really vicious.

“Qingyuan won’t ever like an overbearing person like you. You and Qingyuan have already known each other for so long, but Qingyuan never fell in love with you. Qingyuan didn’t like you in the past and he’ll never like you ever!”

Lin Qianqian grabbed the crutches by the side of the bed and left the room.

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