QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0573

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Chapter 573: Trying to Kill Xie Yu as a Hobby

Ning Shu was currently completely fixated on Xie Yu. Whenever she had free time, she would go and try to kill him. Their strength was almost on par so if both of them took out all the trump cards they had, victory would still be uncertain.

Xie Yu was about to be driven crazy by Ning Shu. This person kept chasing him like an insane dog and every time they fought, it was extremely intense. Xie Yu could sense that this person was extremely serious about killing him.

In addition, he was followed no matter where he went. Xie Yu was at his last straw! He really wanted to kill Wei Liangyue, but Wei Liangyue was too strong to easily kill. Not only that, Wei Liangyue would run off whenever the situation became unfavorable before showing up again a while later.

After battling Xie Yu again and again, Ning Shu sensed that her skill was shooting up rapidly, so she enjoyed seeking Xie Yu out even more. Who knows? Maybe she’d run into luck and kill this guy.

Ning Shu really wanted to just kill Xie Yu, but unfortunately there was a strong woman by his side. This place was Liu Yuanyuan’s territory too, so Ning Shu also had to worry about whether Liu Yuanyuan would call over a bunch of experts from Blood Refinement School to destroy her.

Every time the male lead encountered some rare treasure, Ning Shu would follow tightly behind and get in the way of Xie Yu obtaining the treasure. In doing this, she ended up quite a lot of good things too.

Xie Yu’s strength was rapidly increasing, but Ning Shu’s ability wasn’t weak either so they were still at a deadlock.

Now that she thought about it, she had been in this world for quite a long time. She had pretty much changed the original host’s fate and Old Man Wei was still alive. The original host’s strength had increased a lot too.

Once Xie Yu got stronger, he wanted to head back to get revenge. He didn’t plan to let off a single one of the sects that had sent people to kill him.

The time when he was fleeing for his life was seriously the worst black history of his life, so now he wanted to erase this black history.

Ning Shu watched as Xie Yu ruthlessly destroyed a little sect near Sand City. The territory the sect used to possess was taken over by Blood Refinement School.

Xie Yu was taking lives without mercy and he didn’t even spare the innocent people who had nothing to do with this. Not every single disciple had tried to hunt Xie Yu down, but they were all killed by Xie Yu. What right did a malicious and ruthless person like this have to possess the Heaven’s affection? What right did he have to possess such enormous fortune?

Was he bestowed such strength just so that he could slaughter people who couldn’t fight back for his own sense of satisfaction?

The resentment that innocent people died with caused harm to the plane. Ning Shu recalled the sight of those dim, heavily injured planes that were progressing painfully towards their ends.

So every time Xie Yu went to make a sect or school pay, Ning Shu would head over and help those sects fend off Xie Yu.

Xie Yu was seriously fed up with Ning Shu, so he commanded his phoenix that had just evolved to burn Ning Shu to death.

The phoenix came out of the spirit beast pouch and transformed into a beautiful little girl that spat flames.

In a moment of carelessness, a spark managed to make contact with Ning Shu’s clothing. It was a tiny spark, but it instantly caught fire and started burning her clothes. No matter what she did, she couldn’t put it out.

Ning Shu gritted her teeth and ripped off all the clothes she was wearing without even sparing her underpants. She jumped onto the lightning wind eagle’s back, completely naked, to make her getaway.

“Master, look! I scared him off!” The phoenix clapped excitedly as she shouted this towards Xie Yu.

When Ning Shu saw that the phoenix wasn’t chasing after her, she sighed in relief, then took out some clothes from her storage pouch to put on. Her crotch felt chilly.

She headed all the way back to Heavenly Law Sect and told Old Man Wei about what was going on with Xie Yu. She had a feeling that Xie Yu would definitely come to look for Heavenly Law Sect. He might even go after Iridescent Sect since Iridescent Sect had pressured him so much in the past.

As for why he would come for Heavenly Law Sect, that was simple. It was obviously because of her.

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