QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0554

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Chapter 554: Both Beasts in Human Form

When Xie Yu saw that Shi Huidi had been injured, his eyes started bleeding even more intensely. He took a deep breath, then took out two pills from his storage pouch and swallowed them. “Let’s see who exactly will destroy who today.”

Xie Yu sounded like he was talking to the ghost that was trying to possess him, but he also sounded like he was addressing Ning Shu.

When Liu Yuanyuan saw that Shi Huidi had been injured, she bit her lips hard while looking at Ning Shu warily.

Ning Shu shook out her hands, then slowly approached Liu Yuanyuan and punched her. To tell the truth, she was really enjoying bare fist fighting. The sensation of hitting flesh with the bare fist was seriously satisfying.

When Liu Yuanyuan saw Ning Shu’s punch, she wanted to dodge. However, she recalled that Xie Yu was behind her, so she chose to fight it head on.

A shield-like spirit tool appeared in Liu Yuanyuan’s hands. The tool gave off a dim glow as Liu Yuanyuan poured nearly all the primordial energy in her body into the tool in hopes that it would be able to hold up against the opponent’s punch.

It was seriously absurd. She was clearly holding a spirit tool, but she was actually still not confident even though her opponent was attacking with his bare hands.

Ning Shu directly punched the spirit tool. Liu Yuanyuan staggered backwards several steps, then her arms fell weakly. Her bones had been fractured by this enormous force and blood was spilled out of her lips incessantly. She hastily took some pills to recover, but her face remained completely pale and the radiance in her peach blossom eyes had faded a lot as well.

Ning Shu blew on her fist. So this was what ultimate strength was. Ning Shu understood the path she had to take now. She was going to go with the route of strength and break though the shackles of fate with raw power.

“AAArrrgh….” Xie Yu tilted his head back and roared towards the sky. His hair lifted with the emission of a fierce oppressive shockwave, then he moved to punch Ning Shu.

Ning Shu’s heart dropped. Looks like Xie Yu had successfully gotten rid of that ghost. He might’ve even devoured that soul since he seemed even stronger now.

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw that the core was now revolving at a slower speed and seemed a little larger than before. It seemed that this plane was going to collapse completely in a few years.

Ning Shu recalled the kelp in the sea. If this plane disappeared, the kelp would also disappear.

She revolved the energy in her dantian, then met Xie Yu’s punch with her own. The collision caused such a huge rebound that both of them were sent flying backwards.

Ning Shu coughed a mouthful of blood and had to take a pill, but Xie Yu seemed fine. He really had become a lot stronger than before.

However, she wasn’t scared of fighting him head on.

She wiped the blood off her mouth, then clenched her fist while looking at Xie Yu warily. Xie Yu’s eyes were filled with murderous intent and he said coldly, “Pay the price for injuring them.”

Ning Shu laughed. “This young master can hit whoever he wants to! What do you think you can do?”

Xie Yu’s facial color was ashen and he clenched his fists as he charged towards Ning Shu. They started fighting with their bare fists.

The others just watched them fight silently. Both of them were beasts in human form.

#comment: Notice, Ning Shu saved the plane because of Kelp-sama.

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