QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0404

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Chapter 404: The Shaman’s House

Ning Shu didn’t save Zhang Yuyan out of the goodness of her heart, she was just trying to fight against the storyline. In the original storyline, all of them aside from Lin Qianqian had died, so saving the others was pretty much the same as saving herself.

NIng Shu continued revolving her energy until her dantian felt heavy and her arm muscles were trembling, but she still kept a firm grip on Zhang Yuyan’s arm.

After some time passed, Ning Shu finally felt the opposing force relax. Zhang Yuyan fell with a thud to the ground and she no longer looked like she was rotting.

Ning Shu moved her to the bed again, then shook out her trembling hands.

By the time morning came around, she was exhausted and Zhang Yuyan started having a fever.

She took out Zhang Yuyan’s phone and called Zhang Yuyan’s family to have them take her home.

She had to go home as well, so she couldn’t stay here to keep an eye on Zhang Yuyan.

They would probably all die if they tried to wait until that Daoist priest arrived, so it was better to rely on herself.

Zhang Yuyan’s family soon arrived. They thanked Ning Shu, then took Zhang Yuyan with them.

Ning Shu picked up her luggage, locked the dorm, then went to the bus station.

She was nervous the entire time about accidents occurring and continuously practiced the Unsurpassable Martial Arts in order to emit strong yang energy and repel the ghosts.

However, a lot of incidents still occurred. The bus either got a flat tire, or the driver would take a wrong turn. The fact that the experienced driver actually ended up getting lost made Ning Shu certain that the Ouija spirit was following her.

She switched places with someone and sat down right behind the bus driver. When she turned to the side, she could see a sinister face reflected in the window.

Ning Shu expressionlessly turned back around. It was just trying to scare her, so there was no point worrying about it.

After three days of struggle, she finally arrived. The trip that originally would’ve only taken two days ended up taking three days due to all the accidents that occured.

Everyone on the bus started saying that they had encounter a ghost’s curse.

From the bus station, there was still quite a road to reach the original host’s village. Ning Shu pulled her suitcase as she walked. She felt a constant chill next to her. Although it was summer, it felt like it was winter.

When she got to the village, she didn’t head directly home. It’d be bad to bring this spirit back lest the spirit decided to target her family as well. This was a ghost that killed random people just to vent her hatred after all.

Ning Shu headed towards the shaman’s house. The shaman lived on the westmost side of the village near the mountain. It was also the most desolate area. There weren’t any other houses around.

The place where the shaman lived was very crude and seemed eerie. The curtains in her house were all black and since it was dark in the forest in the first place, her house seemed even more creepy.

However, for some reason, Ning Shu felt relieved in this place and the chill she had been feeling this entire time disappeared. The spirit seemed to have left her side.

What was she scared of?

Ning Shu walked into the courtyard and shouted, “Grannie, I’m Yutong. I need to ask for help for something.”

After quite a while, an aged, hoarse voice finally said, “Come in.”

Ning Shu lifted the black door curtain and walked in. The room was very dark and there didn’t seem to be any windows at all, so there was no light from outside. There were two candles on the desk that seemed like offering candles. She glanced around the room, then saw that there was a skull hanging on the wall next to her. The sockets were empty and it grinned with missing teeth.

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