QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0423

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Chapter 423: Reappearance of the Ghost

Ning Shu and Su Manyu passed several days in peace, but one night, the ghost returned again, causing the temperature in the dorm to suddenly plunge.

Su Manyu clung to Ning Shu’s arm. Her voice trembled as she said, “Yutong, she came back again. What happened to Ji Qingyuan and Lin Qianqian?”

Ning Shu didn’t reply and just pulled out the cow tears to swipe some on her eyelids. She looked around and found the ghost sitting on Lin Qianqian’s bed. There was black mist surrounding her and her soul looked very weak. Her face was covered with knife wounds and her eyes were filled with vicious resentment.

When she saw Ning Shu looking at her, she snarled at her. However, she seemed to be afraid and didn’t rush in their direction.

Ning Shu quickly threw the soul pearl at the ghost. Although the ghost quickly dodged, a portion of her soul was still sucked away by the soul pearl and the black mist around her became less dense even as her soul became even flimsier.

The ghost hovered outside the window and screamed at Ning Shu. The entire dorm shook and the bed mattresses fell off the frames. Ning Shu pulled Su Manyu and jumped off the bed to pick up the soul pearl.

The dorm was shaking so much that it felt like an earthquake. Ning Shu was only able to stand stably because the energy in her dantian stabilized her center of gravity.

However, Su Manyu fell to the ground even as she clutched at Ning Shu’s clothes. “Why did she suddenly get so angry?”

“She’s just making her last struggle.” Ning Shu took in how dim the ghost’s soul was. The ghost probably wouldn’t be able to put up much of a fight when the Daoist priest came.

“All of you must die, you must die! I hate you all, all of you must die! Die! Die!” The ghost’s eerie and malicious words made people’s hair rise on end.

The cow tears Ning Shu had wiped on her eyelids had dried so she could no longer see the ghost, but the disturbance caused by the ghost was also weakening and soon stopped.

Su Mangyu sighed in relief, then she wiped the sweat off her forehead. “If this happens a couple more times, my heart will probably give out.”

The dorm was a mess. Ning Shu lifted the fallen mattresses, then tidied up the room a little.

“Do you have Ji Qingyuan’s number? Give him a call and ask?” said Ning Shu as she cleaned up the room.

“Oh right, phone, phone.” Su Manyu dug out her phone and called, but after waiting for a long time, the reply she got angered her so much she almost smashed the phone. “I can’t get through. It said that he’s out of service range.”

Ning Shu shrugged. Who knew what corner of the world the main leads were in right now? Ning Shu had a feeling that the ghost had encountered the Daoist priest and had gotten injured. If not for that, there was no way her soul would be so weak.

Now that the soul pearl absorbed another portion of her soul, the ghost was probably on the verge of disappearing.

Ning Shu felt that the soul pearl had gotten heavier. This thing was seriously evil ah. It only allowed things to enter and not to exit. She really wanted the soul energy it contained~

After the ghost was weakened, it rarely appeared. It seemed to be nursing its injuries.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu was wondering when the Daoist priest would arrive. This was the best time to exorcise the ghost.

After being injured once, the ghost didn’t dare to enter the dorm again. From time to time, NIng Shu would apply some cow tears. One time, she saw that the ghost was actually devouring the other wandering spirits and that the black mist around the ghost had gotten even denser.

Fudge! Ning Shu didn’t even know what to say. They should hurry and get rid of this ghost. It wasn’t just killing people, it was even devouring spirits!

Fortunately she had the soul pearl, otherwise there was no way she would’ve been able to protect herself and Su Manyu.

Saving one person’s life meant more than building a seven story pagoda. Ning Shu had interacted with Su Manyu for quite a long while, so there was some friendship between them as well.

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