QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0537

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Chapter 537: Of Course, We’re all Disciples of Heavenly Law Sect!

These people wanted Ning Shu to join their group because she was strong. However, they still couldn’t accept the fact that this trash was actually that strong.

Meanwhile, Ning Shu had no desire to travel with them. Although they were of the same sect, these people still viewed her as an outsider and they kept looking at her with obvious greed.

Liu Qinyang was sure that Wei Liangyue had some sort of treasure on him. After all, his dad was the elder of Heavenly Law Sect and had plenty of treasures. The fact that he dared to let his useless son visit the dungeon meant that he had definitely prepared some sort of trump card.

Liu Qinyang’s eyes flickered with hidden intentions even as he said with a sincere tone, “Junior Brother Wei, there’s a limit to how many spirit herbs and fruits you can find on your own. If we go together, there’ll be more of a harvest and we can split the loot.”

Ning Shu asked mildly, “What if it can’t be split evenly?”

Liu Qinyang choked off. This really wasn’t easy to answer. For example, how were they supposed to split a single spirit fruit? Could they be that they should cut it open and give each person a piece? It was ridiculous and it damaged the spirit fruit.

Ning Shu jumped onto the lightning wind eagle and prepared to leave.

Those four immediately started panicking. No matter what, Wei Liangyue was able to deal with the ironback wolves very easily and he had been able to scare all those fierce wolves off. What if the wolves decided to come back the moment he left? It would be very difficult for them to fight all those wolves off.

“Junior Brother Wei, please don’t leave.” A female disciple looked towards Ning Shu, her eyes glistening with tears. “What if the ironback wolves come back once you leave?”

Ning Shu replied offhandedly, “In any case, I wasn’t the one that ate the spirit fruit so they won’t be coming after me.”

Everyone: …

“Junior Brother Wei, I have a spirit fruit that can help with understanding the laws of the world. This fruit is very precious, but I’ll give it to you.” Liu Qinyang reluctantly took out a jade box from his storage pouch with a pained expression.

When Ning Shu saw Liu Qinyang like this, she felt that the box probably contained something good. If it didn’t, Liu Qinyang wouldn’t look like he was cutting a chunk of flesh off his own body. She jumped down from the lightning wind eagle to take the box, but Liu Qinyang refused to let go of it.

Ning Shu abruptly yanked hard and successfully obtained the box. Liu Qinyang’s facial muscles spasmed as he said, “Junior Brother Wei, I hope you’ll like it.”

When Ning Shu opened the box, she saw that there was a snow-white fruit inside. It was enveloped in a complicated rainbow-like glow that made people feel dizzy when they looked at it for too long. Ning Shu closed the box and placed it inside her storage pouch with a smile. “I like it a lot.”

Old Man Wei could probably use this. Things that helped with understanding the ways of the world were truly very precious.

Liu Qinyang’s face convulsed again when he saw that Ning Shu had put it away so quickly. It took a while for him to force out the words, “Junior Brother Wei, let’s form a group.”

“Of course! We’re all disciples of Heavenly Law Sect, of course we should help each other.” Ning Shu understood that Liu Qinyang had taken this out because he wanted her to help them deal with the group of wolves.

When the others heard that Ning Shu was willing to stay, they loosened a breath in relief. Whether they wanted to admit it or not, the truth was that Wei Liangyue was currently stronger than them.

Since there were a lot of ironback wolf corpses around them, they moved to a different place to rest for a while. This group had been running from the ironback wolves for a long time and hadn’t had any chances to rest, so they were currently in a very wretched state. In comparison, Ning Shu’s state was clearly much better than theirs.

Some of them headed off to hunt some irontooth rabbits to eat so they could replenish their strength. Ning Shu just sat down by the lightning wind eagle to start meditating.

Liu Qinyang sat down next to Ning Shu and rubbed his nose awkwardly. He wanted to talk to Ning Shu, but the lightning wind eagle shot a stern warning look at him.

Liu Qinyang looked towards the lightning wind eagle in surprise. This spirit pet seemed a little different from before. It seemed even stronger. Wei Liangyue had probably fed this lightning wind eagle some sort of spirit fruit that allowed it to become stronger.

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