QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0416

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Chapter 416: Ji Qingyuan Stays for a Night

Lin Qianqian was sitting on the bed and watching as those two exchanged their gifts while ignoring her. She felt very awkward.

Ji Qingyuan stayed by Lin Qianqian’s side the entire day. When Ning Shu headed to class, Su Manyu followed her closely without even taking a step away. Ning Shu was speechless and finally said, “Can you stop following me all the time?”

“I’m scared if I’m not with you.” Ever since Zhuang Yutong had saved her last time, she couldn’t help but feel reliant on her. She felt calmer when she could see the calm look on Zhuang Yutong’s face.

She felt like that ghost was following her wherever she went, so she didn’t dare to leave Zhuang Yutong’s side.

In addition, it was relaxing to be next to Zhuang Yutong. Ever since that ghost started bothering them, her body had felt very heavy as if a ghost was hanging onto her. One time, after she showered, she weighed herself and found that she weighed a lot more than unusual even though she hadn’t gotten any fatter. So she felt that the heaviness was the ghost sitting on her shoulders.

Ning Shu didn’t say any more about it. It was fine if Su Manyu wanted to follow her since it didn’t cause any harm. She then said, “Make sure to pay attention to the surroundings, especially if you’re near a building. Make sure that nothing’s falling.”

“Isn’t that obvious?” replied Su Manyu. Then she said, “Since your village shaman is so amazing, why didn’t you ask her to come and deal with this ghost?”

“Grannie won’t come. She’s already old and she doesn’t want to provoke this sort of thing. This sort of thing doesn’t rest until you’re dead or it’s destroyed.” Ning Shu had also hoped that the shaman would deal with this ghost.

Su Manyu bit her lips. “I can’t take this anymore! I’m going to have my dad find someone to deal with this ghost!”

Meanwhile, Ning Shu was wondering when the male and female leads would be able to invite that skilled Daoist priest over.

Ning Shu and Su Manyu returned to the dorm only to find that Ji Qingyuan and Lin Qianqian were sitting on the bed and whispering sweetly to each other.

Su Manyu gave a cold humph which destroyed the sweet atmosphere. Su Manyu’s dark look made Lin Qianqian feel very uncomfortable.

Ning Shu and Su Manyu washed up, then headed to bed. Su Manyu climbed onto Ning Shu’s bunk without a word, then looked on coldly as Ji Qingyuan got ready to sleep on the ground next to Lin Qianqian’s bed.

“It’ll be alright, I’ll be right next to you. I’ll protect you,” consoled Ji Qingyuan.

Lin Qianqian replied ‘en’ sweetly.

When Su Manyu saw the sweet sparks flying between them, she sourly cursed the dog couple.

Ning Shu took this in. Her previous impression was that Su Manyu was extremely haughty, but now, it seemed that she was more arrogant and despotic. The label on her was definitely ‘vicious supporting female lead.’ In the end, even if she ended up killed by the ghost, no one would feel pity.

Su Manyu grabbed Ning Shu and hugged her tightly. Ning Shu pulled her arms off and said mildly, “If you’re going to sleep, just sleep. It’s uncomfortable if you hug me this way.”

Su Manyu released her but still stayed very close to her.

The night was very quiet. The campus was completely silent. Ji Qingyuan couldn’t fall asleep since he was sleeping on the ground and in the girl’s dorm.

When there was no disturbance at all, he laughed softly. These little girls were just imagining things and scaring themselves.

Ji Qingyuan sat up and gazed at Lin Qianqian gently. He reached out to take Lin Qianqian’s hand, but when his hand made contact, there was a strange feeling. It felt wet and mushy like he was touching a rotten mango.

Why would Qianqian’s hand feel like this? The dorm was completely dark so he couldn’t see what was going on. He shook Lin Qianqian slightly and said, “Qianqian, wake up?”

However, Lin Qianqian seemed deeply asleep. No matter how he shook her, she didn’t wake up. He had a bad feeling and hastily went to open the lights, but the lights wouldn’t turn on. Suddenly, he felt something warm and sticky drip onto his hand.

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