QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0510

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Chapter 510: There Was a Dangling Lump…

“System 2333-sama, don’t grab this kind of task for me again. I can’t do them,” said Ning Shu. She would rather do fighting tasks. At the very least, they were refreshing and straightforward.

“Fine. You’re truly like a dog biting Lu Dongbin, you can’t even recognize a person’s good intentions. I was just feeling bad for you because you seem to have to work so hard to do the tasks. You make even the simplest tasks so complicated. For example, with this empress task, you could’ve just besieged the emperor. With Huo Qing on your side, no problem would be a problem,” said 2333. “But you ended up making things so complicated with pulling factions to your side, then scheming to seize the throne. Don’t you feel tired?”

Ning Shu: …

“This ma’am happy to do those things. Could it be that you want me to tumble with Huo Qing? You think the empress really wants to see someone else tumbling with her husband in her body?”

Ning Shu dared to bet her head on the fact that if she really ended up sleeping with Huo Qing, the empress definitely wouldn’t have given her that mother of the world halo. No matter how much this man has wronged her, it would be even more humiliating to find that her husband immediately fell in love with some other random stranger that came along.

“Haaa. In the end you’re still just a system and not a human. You really don’t understand women. They’re so complicated that they would make your cpu melt,” said Ning Shu with contempt.

2333: …

“Don’t grab this kind of task for me again. I can’t do it,” repeated Ning Shu. She refused to do these kind of tasks that were based on deceiving others and she hated the idea of tricking other people to obtain their feelings even more. It was too annoying.

Ning Shu sat down and started meditating. After a long time, she opened her eyes and glanced down. Her soul had gotten a bit denser again. There was a strong feeling of accomplishment.

“2333, let’s start the task,” said Ning Shu as she got up.

2333 sounded unhappy. “Alright.”

2333 was probably annoyed with Ning Shu for rejecting his good intentions. Ning Shu also felt like she had rejected him too harshly, but just as she was about to speak, she felt an intense dizziness and passed out.

When she became conscious again, she found that her body was currently flying through the air, then with a ‘boom’ she crashed into the ground. She inhaled sharply from the pain. It felt like all her bones had been knocked out of place. A hot liquid bubbled up her throat, then she cough out a mouthful of blood.

Fudge! What was this situation? Owww!

“Niece, aren’t you being a little too vicious?” A man’s voice that contained a bit of reproach appeared.

“Senior Uncle Wei, it’s hard to avoid causing accidental injuries during a duel. If Huidi has made Senior Uncle unhappy, Senior Uncle can decide on a punishment.” A woman’s clear and cold voice arose. Her voice was very pleasant; it was like spring water splashing on jade stone, clear and cold. Her beauty was evident just from the sound of her voice.

Ning Shu endured the pain in her body to open her eyes. She found that a woman dressed in white was in front of her. Her hair lifted gently in the wind and she had a veil covering half her face, leaving only her cold gaze and flawless forehead revealed. Even though the veil covered her features, it was still obvious that she was extremely beautiful.

She was pure and cold like a Chang’e of the cold palace.

When Ning Shu saw this woman, she was still too stunned to really process things and just said, “It’s fine. It doesn’t hurt.”

Fudge, it hurt like she was about to die, alright?

Wait. What was with this coarse voice of a man!? Ning Shu hastily touched her chest. It was flat!

She refused to give up and reached below. There was a dangling lump.

Fuck, what was this!?

When Shi Huidi saw this man do such a vulgar thing right in front of her, she tightened her grip on her sash and prepared to attack Ning Shu again.

Ning Shu still hadn’t snapped out of the shock that she had transmigrated into a man’s body when she saw this veiled woman swing the sash towards her. Although it was just a cotton sash, it cut through the air so sharply Ning Shu felt like she was facing an iron blade.

She couldn’t even move right now, so she hastily shouted, “I admit defeat! I surrender!”

“Haha…” Laughter came from below the stage. They were clearly laughing at Ning Shu.”

An energy immediately knocked Shi Huidi’s sash away. Someone appeared in front of Ning Shu and shoved a pill into her mouth. After swallowing it, she instantly felt much better.

#comment: The story about a dog biting Lu Dongbin is pretty interesting, so I’ve summarized it in another post.

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