QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0403

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Chapter 403: Zhang Yuyan, Possessed

Ning Shu’s heart beated violently from the lingering fear as she took in the sight of the wrecked car. She shook off the numbness in her arm, then saw that there were bruises in the shape of fingers on her arm. As she had thought, the ghost had been grabbing onto her earlier.

She walked over and saw that the driver of the car was unconscious, so she immediately called for an ambulance.

Her back was covered was cold sweat. This spirit was serious about killing her.

However, this also erased any trace of pity she had for the spirit. All things were effect from cause. It was wrong for the Ouija spirit to be harming people this way. The original host, Zhuang Yutong, hadn’t ever hurt the Ouija spirit and had never been involved with the spirit at all, yet the spirit was trying to kill her.

Then let’s just see who’d sort out who in the end.

Ning Shu revolved her inner energy to disperse the chill inside her body as she headed back to the dorm. The moment she opened the door, she saw that Zhang Yuyan was currently climbing onto the window and looked as if she was about to jump down.

Zhang Yuyan’s expression was filled with despair as if she had encountered something terrifying and her eyes were blank and soulless as she slowly stood up on the windowsill.

The dorm was extremely cold and there was the faint sound of something roaring. That vicious cold bitterness was enough to make a person’s breath catch in their throat.

Ning Shu hastily ran over and grabbed Zhang Yuyan’s hand to drag her down, but no matter what she did, she couldn’t get Zhang Yuyan down. It was as if someone was trying to push Zhang Yuyan down with all their might.

“Zhang Yuyan! Wake up! Hey…” Ning Shu took a deep breath, then revolved her inner strength before giving a forceful yank. Zhang Yuyan’s body finally moved and she fell right on top of Ning Shu, causing Ning Shu to cough from the force.

Zhang Yuyan had already fainted, so Ning Shu moved her onto the bed. She saw that there was the imprint of a hand on Zhang Yuyan’s other arm.

Zhang Yuyan’s body was very cold. Even unconscious, her body was trembling and her face was pale. Ning Shu pulled the blankets over her, then pulled down her own blanket and layered it on top of her as well. Then she took Zhang Yuyan’s hand and rubbed it between hers.

She counted as someone who knew martial arts. People who practiced martial arts tended to have strong blood energy, so hopefully it’d help Zhang Yuyan a little.

Zhang Yuyan’s face was pale to the point that her usually thorny rose aura was completely gone.

Ning Shu sighed. These girls were really quite misfortunate. They were killed by their curiosity. Sometimes, you really shouldn’t play with fire. It was enough that Lin Qianqian was curious, but she had dragged other people into it and survived by herself.

Ning Shu kept sitting next to the bed, but near midnight, she couldn’t hold up anymore and fell asleep by the bed. Suddenly, Zhang Yuyan sat up and lifted away the blankets with a blank expression. Ning Shu was startled awake. When she saw the expressionless look on Zhang Yuyan’s face, she immediately realized that Zhang Yuyan was being controlled again.

She tried to drag her back, but Zhang Yuyan’s strength had increased greatly and she was slowly dragged towards the window.

Ning Shu: F*ck.

Let’s see who wins today.

Ning Shu pulled even harder, to the point that veins were bulging out on her forehead. Zhang Yuyan turned around with a sinister expression. Her face was so rotten that her looks couldn’t be made out and an eyeball fell out. It almost fell to the ground, but was held up by a strand of veins. There was also a very disgusting stench. Ning Shu suddenly felt a wet and mushy sensation coming from her hands.

She looked down and saw that Zhang Yuyan’s arm was completely rotting. There were even maggots wriggling around in her rotten flesh.

Ning Shu almost reflexively let go, but she closed her eyes and just silently chanted, Baobao’s not scared, Baobao’s not scared at all! This was just a trick of the eyes, this was Zhang Yuyan’s hand. She couldn’t let go, she had to hold on.

#comment: And that’s why I wanted to be cremated when I was younger, the thought of rotting is gross even though cremation is worse for the environment… But then I found out that after you’re cremated, your bones are ground to powder by a machine along with other people’s bones. That sounds messy and painful… Isn’t there a way to turn directly into fertilizer without the bugs or grinding?

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