QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0437

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Chapter 437: Because of Schadenfreude

Su Manyu and Lin Qianqian started fighting. When Ji Qingyuan came to visit and saw that Lin Qianqian’s facial color was poor and saw how fierce Su Manyu and Ning Shu was, he knew that his girlfriend had suffered again.

Ji Qingyuan wanted Lin Qianqian to move out. He couldn’t understand why she was forcing herself to stay in this dorm, but Lin Qianqian was adamant about it.

Ji Qingyuan really couldn’t understand. He felt that there was no meaning to it.

Lin Qianqian said, “If I leave, I want to go to your house and stay with the priest.”

Hesitation appeared on Ji Qingyuan’s face. When Lin Qianqian saw, her expression darkened and she said scornfully, “I knew that it would be like this.”

“Ji Qingyuan, don’t you love Lin Qianqian? What’s wrong with taking her to your house?” Su Manyu immediately started adding oil to the fire.

Lin Qianqian’s facial color became even worse when she heard what Su Manyu said. Her face was filled with a gloominess that never went away and due to everything that happened recently, she had gotten so skinny that her bones were showing. She no longer had the liveliness and sweetness that she used to have.

“Su Manyu, would you die if you spoke a little less?” shouted Ji Qingyuan.

Ning Shu said to Su Manyu, “Let’s go eat.”

Su Manyu curled her lips disdainfully and walked out with Ning Shu. Ning Shu asked, “You still have feelings for Ji Qingyuan? Why are you trying to ruin their relationship? Don’t get involved with them anymore.”

“Pei! This ma’am doesn’t like him anymore. He’s welcomed to go love and hate Lin Qianqian. When I see them hurting each other, my heart feels delighted,” said Su Manyu darkly.

Ning Shu: …

She truly was a malicious supporting female lead. She couldn’t stand seeing the male and female leads being happy together.

Once Ning Shu and Su Manyu finished eating, they headed back to the dorm. Lin Qianqian was still there but Ji Qingyuan had already left. Lin Qianqian’s eyes were red. She had cried, but when she saw them walk in, she hastily wiped away her tears.

Su Manyu gave a cold humph and ignored her.

Ning Shu felt that the soul pearl was really a treasure. She and Su Manyu who should’ve died were still alive. Because they hadn’t died, the storyline barely progressed. The original progression was that Zhang Yuyan died, Su Manyu fell into a coma, and Zhuang Yutong fell into the man-made lake, then the Daoist priest came along and exorcised the ghost.

However, now the ghost was bothering the female lead and causing her luck to drop. In the original storyline, the female lead barely suffered at all. It was the soul pearl that caused the storyline to shift and made the female lead take more of the suffering.

Ning Shu didn’t feel anything about this. In the original story, three people had died. Three lively people had their lives extinguished while they were in the best time of their youth. At the very least, Lin Qianqian was still living. At the very least, she could still feel pain and could still breathe.

There was breakfast on the table in front of Lin Qianqian, but she didn’t touch it. Ning Shu couldn’t understand what Lin Qianqian was mopping over. Eating well and making sure your body was healthy was more important than anything.

In addition, since Lin Qianqian had yin energy in her body, her immune system was already failing. If she refused to eat, that was completely showing disdain for life.

Lin Qianqian glanced at Ning Shu, then hesitated for a moment before asking, “Zhuang Yutong, can you give me a little of the medicine that you two drink?”

Ning Shu looked at her. Lin Qianqian uncomfortably tightened the jacket around herself and bit her pale lips before asking, “You don’t have any more?”

Ning Shu nodded. “I have some, I’ll make some for you.”

Su Manyu curled her lips without saying anything. Ning Shu gave the medicine to Lin Qianqian and Lin Qianqian slowly drank it.

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