QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0530

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Chapter 530: A Contract With a Piece of Kelp

Ning Shu had the lightning wind eagle try to pull off the kelp with its claw. The lightning wind eagle scraped at the kelp with its sharp claws and small sparks appeared from the harsh collision.

From the looks of it, there was no way to get it off.

Frick, she was so unlucky!

The kelp extended a leaf to grab the lightning wind eagle as well, but the lightning wind eagle immediately dodged and flew into the air.

Ning Shu hugged a tree tightly to stop this thing from pulling her into the sea. Fudge, it felt like her leg was about to be ripped off.

What exactly was this?

Could it be that she wouldn’t be able to shake off this kelp? If this was really kelp, she’d definitely make it into spicy kelp salad, but the problem was, she had never seen a kelp this hard.

Since she was out of options, she decided to try and see if she could make a contract with this thing.

Two little white dots appeared in her consciousness. As expected, it was possible. Ning Shu squeezed her consciousness into the little white ball.

The kelp remained very dumb and sluggish. It didn’t know to resist at all and just continued trying to pull Ning Shu towards the sea.

Once Ning Shu successfully engraved her consciousness in the kelp’s consciousness, she discovered that this thing didn’t really have any thoughts or emotions. Its mind was a completely blank expanse of white.

The only sensation that was passed onto Ning Shu was that it wanted to get to the ocean. It seemed that it couldn’t leave the sea.

Ning Shu first consoled the kelp, then told it to let her go. However, the kelp didn’t understand what she meant and continued to pull her towards the sea like its life depended on it.

Ning Shu: …

Frick, there was no way to communicate! All Ning Shu could do was repeatedly try to tell the kelp to let her go.

However, the kelp continued dragging her towards the ocean.

Ning Shu could only sigh and allow it to drag her to the sea. The kelp seemed to feel better once it got to the sea and it swam up in front of Ning Shu, seeming curious about her.

As Ning Shu treaded water on the surface of the sea, she repeatedly tried to convey to the kelp that she had good intentions and told it to let go of her leg.

The kelp finally understood what Ning Shu meant and let go of her leg, but then it wrapped itself around her body tightly and abruptly pulled her into the depths of the ocean.

Oh my fuuuck, someone save meeee~

Having encountered an idiot of a spirit beast, Ning Shu expressed that her balls really hurt.

When the lightning wind eagle saw this situation, it screeched sharply and hastily flew towards the sea.

Ning Shu was pulled once again to the bottom of the sea. The kelp wrapped itself around Ning Shu tightly. It seemed very attached to her.

Ning Shu: …

Help, I need to breathe.

#comment: “Ning Shu expressed that her balls really hurt.” This translator, while editing, thought: and she really does have balls this time. 。゚(TヮT)゚。

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