QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0594

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Chapter 594: Can Succeed Without Strong Backing

Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain. She had no idea what kind of struggles Mai Douer was facing, but she only allowed herself to trouble others and wouldn’t allow others to ask questions? The way Mai Douer was acting was as if she had done something to her.

How bad could things be? And she was crying like the sky was falling.

As expected, female leads were only suited to living blessed lives under the male lead’s wings. How could a beautiful bird take the torment and cruel reality of the outside world?

Ning Shu felt like she had barely done anything, but Mai Douer was already falling apart.

“Since you don’t want to talk about it, then let’s just forget it. You should go rest,” said Ning Shu. “As for what you said about a machine for earning money, you do know that you don’t really earn much money, right? My report this year is below satisfactory.”

Mai Douer’s body stiffened. Her manager was seriously cold-blooded. All she cared about was money. There was nothing aside from money.

Mai Douer now had a new goal, which was to get famous then kick off this cold-blooded manager.

She took a deep breath, then said, “Big Sis Chen, I got it. I’ll definitely work hard.”

Ning Shu smiled and patted Mai Douer’s shoulder with a faint smile. “It’s good that you understand. Those who haven’t made a name for themselves don’t have any privileges. Since you haven’t climbed to the top of the pyramid, you don’t have privileges. Without a strong backing and skills, the only way you can succeed is by putting in more effort than others. Although putting in effort still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll succeed, but as your manager, I hope that you will.”

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