QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0440

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Chapter 440: Supporting Female Lead of Another Love Story

“Evil thing, you actually dared to absorb so many lost souls! Had this old priest not come to exorcise you, you probably would’ve caused great calamity!” The Daoist priest now became a little angry. He made a different hand sign and the talisman exploded with strong golden light. As it shone on Lin Qianqian, the dark smoke and the souls contained within the smoke quickly dispersed.

“AAaargh…” Lin Qianqian screamed in anger, causing a shockwave that sent rocks and soil flying. Lin Qianqian’s voice was filled with bitterness. “Old priest, you almost destroyed me ten years ago. Today, I’ll have you die for that!”

“Back then, since every living thing deserved a chance to repent, I spared your life so that you could go reincarnate, but you didn’t change at all and continued your evil acts! This old priest swears to deal with you today! This old priest will not spare you again.” After saying that, he started chanting another spell.

Lin Qianqian was infuriated. She paid no attention to the talisman on her and pounced towards Ji Qingyuan. She glared at him while reaching out with her sharp nails to dig out his heart.

Ji Qingyuan’s father stepped in front of him to shield him. Lin Qianqian’s expression became even more sinister when she saw this and she hastily slowed down, but was still injured by the golden light that exploded from Ji Qingyuan’s father and screamed.

“Fuck, Uncle Ji was actually this amazing?” exclaimed Su Manyu.

Ning Shu was pretty sure it was just due to some protective talisman.

“Ji Jinyan, die! Die! I’ll drag you down to hell! Ji Jinyan! Ji Jinyan!” The ghost snarled at Ji Qingyuan’s father.

Ji Jinyan’s expression was indifferent but his eyes were filled with contempt as he looked at Lin Qianqian. “Who do you think you are, to dare to harm my son?”

Blood tears spilled out from Lin Qianqian’s eyes. Her gaze was filled with resentment and hurt. “How can you treat me this way?”

“Why can’t I? Who do you think you are?” Ji Jinyan’s expression was unconcerned as if the ghost in front of him was just an ant.

Su Manyu lifted her brows. “This ghost knows Uncle Ji?”

“They definitely have a past.” Ning Shu felt that the people in their dorm had totally been collateral damage. Look at the male lead’s dad. The ghost had already showed up at his door, but he apparently had awesome shining armor and was still able to indifferently show contempt for the ghost. But well, the ghost was like a hurt little girl in front of him anyways. She was malicious due to her unwillingness to accept this fate and her eyes were filled with resentment and lingering emotions.

When the characters were a man and a woman, there was no need to think to figure out what happened.

Ning Shu suddenly felt that it was so pointless. It was another love affair. Ning Shu said to Su Manyu, “I dare to bet that this ghost loves your Uncle Ji but your Uncle Ji doesn’t like her.”

She was probably a supporting female lead of someone else’s love story.

Su Manyu glanced at her. “It’s not like I’m blind.”

The ghost had probably gone crazy due to Ji Jinyan’s attitude because she started screaming frenziedly until she vomited blood. When Ji Qingyuan saw Lin Qianqian vomit blood, he cried out worriedly, “Qianqian!”

Ji Jinyan stopped Ji Qingyuan from running over and said mildly, “She’s possessed right now. You want to go over to die?”

“Father, but Qianqian! Her body can’t take it!” Ji Qingyuan’s face was filled with pain but Ji Jinyan remained unconcerned and didn’t seem stirred by his son’s words.

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