QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0430

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Chapter 430: Daily Dose of Disgust

“Oh my gosh, I feel about to go blind. I needa wash out my eyes.” Su Manyu took out eye drops from her purse and tilted her head back to apply them. She looked towards Ning Shu with watery eyes and gave a thumbs up. “Zhuang Yutong, your taste is sure shocking. Who would’ve thought you liked this kind of men?”

Ning Shu curled her lips in disdain. “This guy just wants to rape me because I look like an ignorant country bumpkin.”

Su Manyu’s face filled with contempt. “He should take a look at himself, how disgusting. Zhuang Yutong, don’t let yourself be taken by someone like this. Otherwise, in the future, whenever I look at you, the first thing that’ll come to mind is the image of you guys tumbling together. Tsk tsk, I already feel like gagging.”

Ning Shu: …

However, she didn’t know what got into Song Ming’s head but he kept coming to the girl’s dorm to deliver flowers every single day and gazed at Ning Shu with eyes filled with feelings. Su Manyu who was next to Ning Shu felt completely disgusted.

Whenever Su Manyu saw Song Ming, she would proceed to attack every part of him. For example: Those roses must from yesterday, right? Must’ve been nice to get them at half price. Then she would sneer at the fact that Song Ming’s socks were ten bucks for ten so that he could throw them away without washing them. And then she’d say that the pimples on Song Ming’s face were already turning white so it was about time to squeeze them. After that, she’d say that Song Ming was about to turn bald since his kidney was so weak.

Song Ming would pretty much run off like he was escaping for his life every single time, but the next day he would come again. Some busybodies told Ning Shu to just accept him since he really did like her.

Ning Shu just spat. Who knew what was prompting Song Ming to come to the girl’s dorm everyday to embarrass himself? He was mocked by Su Manyu everyday and Su Manyu even dumped a bucket of water on him. He was seriously pitiful, but he continued persisting despite this.

Ning Shu and Su Manyu gradually felt that something was off. Ning Shu was aware that she wasn’t any great beauty so it wasn’t normal that someone would like her this much. Based on her pitiful three points of charm, there was no way she could attract love wherever she went.

Su Manyu sent someone to look into it and found out that it was Ji Qingyuan’s idea. When she found out, she was so angry that she was about to tear the entire room down. She bellowed angrily, “Who would’ve thought that Ji Qingyuan was actually such a despicable person? He actually resorted to these means to get revenge on you!”

Ning Shu just lifted her brows. Looks like Ji Qingyuan held a grudge about her pushing him last time.

This method was pretty malicious. If she ended up falling for Song Ming and was tricked into sleeping with him, then discarded by him, it definitely would’ve been painful.

But she was speechless. Why didn’t he get someone more handsome to chase her? It wasn’t like she was blind. Ninety-nine percent of girls wouldn’t choose someone like Song Ming.

So Ji Qingyuan had probably sent Song Ming to disgust her. Ning Shu admitted that she had been disgusted.

Whenever they saw Song Ming’s passionate look, they’d have to restrain themselves from puking on his face. It was that disgusting.

“How about I get someone to beat him up so that he stops coming? I can’t deal with this anymore.” Su Manyu frowned in annoyance. “After the ghost finally left, someone like this showed up. I seriously can’t take it anymore. Zhuang Yutong, whenever I’m with you, things that destroy my view of the world always show up. You’re seriously too bland-looking. If you don’t hurry up and fix yourself up, you’ll end up attracting only disgusting guys.”

Ning Shu said mildly, “You fix yourself up well and was born pretty, but didn’t you still end up falling for someone like Ji Qingyuan?”

Cough…” Su Manyu coughed softly. “Ji Qingyuan’s family does business. You know how businessmen are, sometimes they only care about the results and not the methods. As long as the correct result is achieved, the methods are secondary.”

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