QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0513

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Chapter 513: Pure Hands Were Rotting

Wei Liangyue’s wish: He didn’t want his father to die. His father had died because of his. He had let down his father who loved him so much.

Ning Shu found that his wishes only regarded his father. Life only mattered when your family was with you. Nothing was mentioned about revenge or Shi Huidi.

In reality, Wei Liangyue was nothing but a small cannon fodder, a small stumbling stone on the male lead’s way to greatness. He was just a stink bug standing in the way of the male lead carrying a beauty home and could be crushed with a single stomp.

Ning Shu sat up and started training based on the technique in the original host’s memories. The reason the original host encountered these things was because he wasn’t strong enough. If he was strong enough, would Shi Huidi be so disdainful of him and choose to throw herself into the male lead’s embrace and share a husband with other women?

Someone as haughty as Shi Huidi had actually chosen to share a husband with other people? This emphasized how strength was everything in this world.

As she revolved her energy, her meridians ached with pain and even her chest hurt. Ning Shu pressed on her chest. Shi Huidi had sure been ruthless.

However, as a woman, Ning Shu could understand Shi Huidi’s point of view. Becoming the wife of an infamous wealthy good-for-nothing like this was practically like jumping into a pit of fire. It was the original host’s fault for being so disappointing.

When Ning Shu seriously couldn’t take the pain coming from her chest anymore, she stopped training and went to sleep. She was exhausted.

Ning Shu was woken up by the urge to go to the restroom. The moment she opened her eyes, she saw that someone was standing by the head of the bed and reflexively attacked him. Fudge, you were actually watching as this ma’am slept!? Creep!

Ning Shu abruptly punched him, but her fist was caught by the middle-aged man and she couldn’t pull it back.

“Stinkin’ brat, you sure got tough huh, to actually dare to attack your dad! But in front of Shi Huidi you’re a complete wimp, disappointing brat!” said Wei Ming in an annoyed tone.

Ning Shu only remembered now that she was currently a man. Her bladder was really uncomfortable from the pressure, so she said with a contorted expression, “Dad, can you leave for now? I need to use the toilet.”

“Just use the chamber pot. Your dad’s raised you from when you were a little brat. What part haven’t I already seen?” Wei Ming sat down on a chair.

Ning Shu: …

Pee in front of a man? She couldn’t do it ah.

Ning Shu felt like her bladder was about to explode. In the end, she left the room, found a concealed place, and quickly dug out the thing and started peeing.

After it was done, she hastily tied the strings of the pants back up, then washed her hands several times. She had touched a soft limp thing… Ning Shu felt like her pure hands were rotting.

Transmigrating into a man’s body was seriously unbearable. Ning Shu returned to the room and saw that Wei Ming was currently drinking tea. Wei Ming was tall and had a large build, so he gave off a strong aura .

Ning Shu walked to him and directly said, “Dad, I want to cancel my engagement with Shi Huidi.”

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