QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0527

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Chapter 527: Give Me Some Trash!

“Why don’t you tell me why this celestial residence is trash? Can you give me some trash? A trash like this celestial residence!?” said Ning Shu, a little irked. She had even considered fighting with the male lead over this trash- Pei! No, it was this celestial residence.

“This probably isn’t a celestial residence. It’s probably a plane, a very very low-leveled plane of existence. It hasn’t even developed its own rules yet so it can’t give birth to unique lifeforms of its own. It ended up being subdued by someone and treated as a celestial residence, which is basically a storage unit,” replied 2333 mildly. He clearly viewed this celestial residence as useless. “This plane has no potential. If it can’t develop its own set of governing laws, then it’ll slowly disappear.”

So it was like this? It had been a developing plane?

“It’s basically an immature plane that was cut off too early from the place where planes are nurtured,” said 2332.

“Place where planes are nurtured? There exists a place like that?” asked Ning Shu curiously. She felt like she had opened the door to a large new world.

2333 sounded a little annoyed as he continued, “Planes also die. If a plane can’t maintain and restore their own natural laws, then they’ll fall apart and will naturally disappear. However, new planes will also be born.”

“Your jobs is to repair these planes and prevent these planes from collapsing due to unusual reasons. After all, each plane contains countless living creatures. If a plane collapses, these creatures would also disappear.”

Ning Shu suddenly felt that her current job was so admirable. She could grow from it, and it also helped repair planes.

Alright, so now, how should she snatch this plane from the male lead? If this thing landed in the male lead’s hands, the male lead would become omnipotent. Whenever he encountered a fight he couldn’t win, he could just hide inside the celestial residence.

Ning Shu took out the map that Old Man Wei had given her. It marked places where extremely rare plants grew, but they were all guarded by fierce beasts. There was no way Ning Shu would be able to beat them, so obtaining these things was just a dream.

There were seriously limitations everywhere when your ability was too low. Ning Shu felt like the task was going to be hard to complete.

“Senior Brother Xie, where are you going now?” A familiar, lively voice arose, then a group of people appeared in front of Ning Shu. They were pretty much all disciples of Iridescent Sect.

Yan Jiao was stunned for a moment, then she laughed sinisterly. “Big pervert, you’re doomed.”

Xie Yu’s lips hooked in a cold smile when he saw Ning Shu. He said coldly, “You shouldn’t have humiliated Senior Sister that way.”

Ning Shu didn’t say a thing and just released the lightning wind eagle to flee.

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