QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0465

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Chapter 465: Incident in the Imperial Garden

“Imperial Mother, this subject son has finished writing. Can I go play with Big Brother now?” Huo Chengwang and Xiao Qingyan walked in from the side palace with their assigned homework.

Ning Shu looked over the homework, then said, “Starting tomorrow, Qingyan is to write ten more words every day. Your writing is seriously ugly. This empress remembers that your dad’s writing is really good.”

“My dad knows how to write, but I’ve never seen him write before. My mom said that Dad’s writing was like dog prints?” Xiao Qingyan reacted with shock to Ning Shu’s words.

Ning Shu: …


Huo Chengwang covered his smile. Ning Shu waved dismissively and said, “Go play.”

Once the two brats left, Ning Shu entered her bedroom and prepared to meditate. She had to strengthen this body so that it would be easier to do work.

However, soon, Huo Chengwang ran in crying and shouted, “Imperial Mother, save him! Imperial Father is about to beat Big Brother Qingyan to death!”

Ning Shu hastily got off the bed. Her expression was grim as she picked Huo Chengwang and started walking. “Where are they?”

“They’re in the imperial garden.” Huo Chengwang was so scared that he was crying. “Imperial Father is really scary.”

Ning Shu quickly walked to the imperial garden just in time to see that Xiao Qingyan was being pressed down on a wooden bench. He was struggling like a little calf about to be executed.

“Stop right now! This empress orders you to stop!” Ning Shu hastily called out when she saw that the wooden paddle was about to land on Xiao Qingyan. Xiao Qingyan was only seven. If he actually got hit, it really might kill him.

Huo Qing, that bastard!

Huo Qing’s face remained cold when he saw Ning Shu arrive. He was holding the little fox in his arms and its golden fur shone beautifully in the sunlight.

In all honesty, this fox was seriously very beautiful. People couldn’t help but feel the urge to stroke her fur. If it weren’t for Huo Qing, this fox’s fur would’ve already become a consort’s scarf.

Ning Shu put Huo Chengwang down and curtsied before asking, “Your Majesty, did Xiao Qingyan do something wrong?”

“He was running around wild in the palace with the prince. As the prince’s study partner, how can he be so uncouth? He’s a bad influence on the prince.” Huo Qing’s facial color was very poor. Xiao Qingyan was from the marshal’s residence. Xiao Xiao had actually allowed a child from the marshal’s residence to study with Huo Chengwang!? Did she feel that the throne already belonged to Huo Chengwang so she was already arranging supporters for him?

Ning Shu took a deep breath and said, “Chengwang is still small. This subject wife just wanted for Chengwang to have someone he could play with. That’s why I had Qingyan enter the palace.”

The emotions in Huo Qing’s eyes were deeply hidden and he said mildly, “Warm, caring mothers create many failure children. Don’t forget that Chengwang is a child of the imperial family. He has no need for friends. Some people are destined to be alone.”

“Guards, beat this dog to death. Triflings destroy the will. How unbefitting of our child,” said Huo Qing darkly.

Guards immediately surrounded the puppy and started hitting the puppy with their wooden paddles. The puppy cried out in pain, then a paddle hit its head so it started staggering.

“Imperial Mother, Imperial Mother! Save the puppy please! Imperial Mother…” Huo Chengwang tugged at Ning Shu’s sleeve and cried as he begged Ning Shu to help.

Ning Shu shook her head. This wasn’t really simply about a dog’s life.

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