QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0566

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Chapter 566: Why the F*ck Was She Reacting?

When she opened the door, she saw a female disciple that was dressed in revealing clothes. The female disciple was holding a tray of pastries and tea. She had been blocked from entering by the array, so she looked a little awkward while standing there at the door.

When that female disciple saw Ning Shu come out, she immediately smiled sweetly and walked towards her while swaying her figure seductively.

Ning Shu was hit by a waft of elegant perfume. The moment she smelled this scent, she felt her body stir and her lower belly tighten.

Ning Shu: My fuuck…

Why the f*ck was she reacting? She fricking wished she could castrate herself!

When the female disciples saw that Ning Shu’s expression turned a little strange, she smiled charmingly and spoke with a slight pouty tone, “Senior Brother Wei, it’s been so long since you’ve looked for Lan er. Have you forgotten about Lan er?”

This woman was obviously here to seduce her. She probably used to have dat sort of relationship with Wei Liangyue. However, for her, Ning Shu, to tumble with a woman? No way!

Ning Shu very sternly rejected this female disciple’s offer, then slammed the door shut without giving any further considerations. That female disciple called Lan er was so furious she almost smashed everything she was holding. However, she had no choice but to leave silently.

These women simply treated Wei Liangyue as a source of benefits. They didn’t want to carry out tasks for the sect to gain resources, so they resorted to this route. Ning Shu didn’t have any comments about this since everyone had their own ways of surviving. However, there was no way she was going to sleep with these women. Her heart couldn’t accept it ah, dammit.

She then hung up a ‘Training, Don’t Disturb’ sign on her door and continued to focus on training. Nothing was more important than strength.

However, something huge happened during this time, which was that Xie Yu had betrayed Iridescent Sect and even took the daughter of the sect leader, the little tigress Yan Jiao, with him.

When Ning Shu heard this news, she was pretty surprised. That little pepper had actually eloped with Xie Yu. She was originally a treasured daughter of a good family, but now she was going to have to face hardships with Xie Yu. Since Xie Yu had been labeled with having a treasure like the celestial residence, he would be hunted wherever he went.

And now Iridescent Sect might even be out to kill Xie Yu. After all, he freakin’ kidnapped the sect leader’s daughter. It was an unbelievable humiliation.

Despite this situation, Yan Jiao was still following Xie Yu. It was really unswerving infatuation. One thing Ning Shu was more curious about was why Shi Huidi hadn’t gone along.

It was within Ning Shu’s predictions that Xie Yu would betray Iridescent Sect. He didn’t have the celestial residence, but Iridescent Sect kept pressuring him to hand it over. In addition, Xie Yu had always been a very self-interested person and never had the intention of doing his all to contribute to the sect.

Xie Yu probably wouldn’t believe his own words if he claimed to be loyal towards Iridescent Sect. The only issue Ning Shu was worried about was that Xie Yu would probably gain a lot more treasures and rare encounters in this trip.

Even if Xie Yu was being hunted, he’d still be able to turn misfortunes into blessings. Every time he was forced into desperate straits, he was still able to come out with game-changing treasures.

Ning Shu felt the pressure to train even faster since Xie Yu was going to be back for revenge sooner or later.

One day, Old Man Wei came over to have Ning Shu go with him to see the sect leader. As Ning Shu walked next to Old Man Wei, she asked, “Why’s the sect leader looking for me?”

“Shi Huidi’s here.” Old Man Wei lifted his thick eyebrows towards Ning Shu.

“Oh. What does that have to do with me?” Ning Shu was confused. She no longer had any relationship with Shi Huidi.

Old Man Wei looked smug. “You’ll see soon.”

When Ning Shu saw that expression, she knew that it wasn’t anything good.

When they got to the main hall, there were a couple people already sitting inside. Shi Huidi was standing behind a man with a long beard. When Ning Shu entered, she only glanced over briefly before looking straight ahead again.

Old Man Wei first led Ning Shu over to greet the sect leader, then he introduced Ning Shu to the person sitting at the side.

“Liangyue, this is Iridescent Sect’s Sect Leader Yan. You can just call him Uncle Yan,” said Old Man Wei.

Ning Shu glanced at this bearded man and thought, oh, so this was Yan Jiao’s old man.

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