QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0598

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Chapter 598: Disparity in Treatment

Ning Shu repeatedly said in Mai Douer’s ear, it’s fine, take it slow, take it slow.

Eventually Mai Douer couldn’t stand hearing that anymore and exploded at Ning Shu. “What do you mean by take it slow? How am I supposed to take it slow? I can’t even do a single thing. I’m about to die from frustration! You keep having me take these roles, so when will I ever be able to gain any fame!?”

Ning Shu didn’t speak and just looked at her with a very benevolent gaze.

Mai Douer just became more infuriated when she saw that and she threw herself wearily onto the sofa. When Ning Shu didn’t say anything, she started feeling a little regretful and apologized. “I’m sorry, Big Sis Chen. I’m just in a slightly bad mood.”

Ning Shu replied understandingly, “I know that you’ve been under a lot of pressure lately. You should wash up and head to bed early.”

Mai Douer nodded, then dragged her exhausted body to the restroom.

Ning Shu watched as she walked away. Yup, Mai Douer no longer had any of that bright enthusiasm she had when she first entered the entertainment circles. Right now, she carried a lingering weary and gloomy air. It was the depressed air of an unrecognized talent.

Wonder if Mo Juefeng would like Mai Douer if she was like this?

Perhaps he might.

After Mai Douer finished showering, she saw that her manager had already left and that Qiao Yi, who had been busy this whole time with making an album, had come back.

Qiao Yi had cut her long hair short so now she gave off a mature aura with a slight bit of mischievousness which made her seem even more spirited. Although she had been busy the entire day, her face was glowing with energy.

As Mai Douer took in how lively Qiao Yi looked, she was thinking that even though they had clearly started at the same starting line, Qiao Yi was now way ahead of her.

She had been working so hard, but she hadn’t succeeded, yet Qiao Yi was able to succeed so easily. Mai Douer was unwilling to accept this and her heart filled with envy.

She had suffered a lot at the filming locations and witnessed first-hand how willful the famous celebrities were. She would often by scolded like a dog by the directors, but the directors wouldn’t dare to say a thing if those celebrities said that they wouldn’t film since they weren’t in the mood.

This clear disparity in treatment caused the envy and bitterness in Mai Douer’s heart to grow like vines. One day she’ll definitely obtain success too and make those directors kneel on the ground to flatter her.

All Mai Douer wanted right now was to succeed. She felt a lot of pressure. Everything seemed to give her pressure. She felt so oppressed by the atmosphere of the entertainment circles that she couldn’t even breathe. When she was showering earlier, clumps of hair had fallen out.

“Qiao Yi, how’s the preparations for your album going?” asked Mai Douer.

Qiao Yi replied with a smile, “It’s going pretty well. I’m currently recording but it’ll still be a while before the album’s released, so it’s still early.”

When Mai Douer saw the smile on Qiao Yi’s face, she felt even more envious and remarked off-handedly, “Big Sis Chen sure treats you well. It looks like she wants to raise you to become an empress.”

Qiao Yi frowned, then said, “Big Sis Chen treats everyone she manages very well. Doesn’t she treat you pretty well too? She goes every day to help you find work. Recently Big Sis Chen said that she needed to look after you, so she hasn’t even come to any of my recordings.”

Mai Douer couldn’t say anything in response to this. Did her manager treat her well? Yes, pretty well. However, she felt that her manager didn’t actually treat her well. If her manager actually liked her, why would her manager always have her take these kinds of roles?

This was what Mai Douer disliked the most about her manager.

So annoying, so irritating! Mai Douer couldn’t vent her feelings of frustrations at all so she felt really upset. If she said that her manager wasn’t good, the truth was that her manager had looked after her in all areas so she couldn’t actually point out an instance where her manager wasn’t good toward her.

This was precisely the reason why she felt like she had so much stifled anger.

Mai Douer hammered her chest as if she was trying to force out that stuffy air. When Qiao Yi saw Mai Douer do this, she asked, “What are you doing? Why are you hitting yourself for no reason?”

Mai Douer looked towards Qiao Yi gloomily with a sigh. “Qiao Yi, I really envy you. At least you have a direction you’re striving towards. Right now, I don’t even have the motivation to work hard anymore.”

The only thing Mai Douer felt now was exhaustion. Although she had worked hard, she hadn’t received equal results in return.

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