QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0600

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Chapter 600: Labelled as a Good Manager

There was no other choice so Ning Shu decided to take Mai Douer back to the apartment. The moment Mai Douer got into the car, she started bawling. She sobbed so much that she shuddered as she breathed and her face was completely pale from anger.

Ning Shu felt that Mai Douer had too much of a glass heart. If it were her, there was no way she would cry in this situation. She’d toughen up her skin to beg the director for a role.

However, there was no way she’d throw away her own face to help get a role for Mai Douer. Since the person herself looked down on these roles, even if she worked hard to get a role for Mai Douer, Mai Douer wouldn’t treasure it and would continue showing contempt.

Ning Shu just watched as Mai Douer cried. She cried like she was venting all of her frustration from this past period of time. When she finally stopped and looked over at Ning Shu, her eyelids were completely swollen, so Ning Shu felt like she was being stared at by a pair of puffy fish eyes.

Ning Shu: …

“Big Sis Chen, I want to take the role of that servant girl,” said Mai Douer resolutely.

Ning Shu lifted her brows. “Are you sure? That role’s hard to act.”

Her pants were going to be pulled off and she’d be flogged.

It seemed that the aloof Mai Douer had already been cornered to the point she had lost her original principles. Right now, she wanted this role even though there were a lot of scenes in which she had to seduce men and she’d end up being beaten to death.

It was a role that only accrued people’s hatred.

It was best to take more decent roles when you first started showing your face on the screen, otherwise too strong of a role would set people’s impression of you in stone.

“Are you really going to take this role? I don’t think you should.” Ning Shu tried to dissuade Mai Douer.

However, all that Mai Douer was thinking about right now was how the directors had looked down on her. Her recent failures made her desire strongly to prove herself, and this role had a lot of screen time so she wanted to take this role.

She never imagined that the acting world would be so complicated. She had only wanted to quietly be an actress.

Ning Shu said mildly, “Have you really thought this through?”

“Yes, I’ll definitely prove to them that I do know how to act.” Mai Douer furrowed her brows tightly. Although she was saying passionate words, her face was filled with uncertainty.

After being rejected by so many directors, her self-confidence was severely injured.

Mai Douer, who had once vowed to become the film queen, now barely had any confidence left.

Ning Shu grabbed a bottle of water and twisted the cap open before handing it to Mai Douer. On Mai Douer’s face, she saw weariness, lost helplessness, defeat, and unwillingness…

The Mai Douer that had Mo Juefeng was completely different from the Mai Douer who didn’t have Mo Juefeng. Without Mo Juefeng, Mai Douer found it hard to advance even a single step, so she had no way of maintaining her beautiful simplicity from before she entered the entertainment circles.

The entertainment circle was a large fish tank. Everyone inside would be stained. However, Mai Douer had been fortunate enough to encounter Mo Juefeng so Mo Juefeng had protected her from everything.

As everyone else was working hard and even taking some dishonest paths in order to inch forward, Mai Douer stood at the summit of the pyramid and leaned into the chest of her sugar daddy while looking down on ‘those people’ who didn’t treasure themselves at all and sold their integrity and body just to get a role.

Ning Shu silently laughed, then called the director. The director had Mai Douer come for an audition.

Originally, it was quite difficult to act this role and it required a very strong acting background, but when the director saw how pure Mai Douer looked, he instantly agreed.

It went so unexpectedly smoothly that Ning Shu felt confused. When Mai Douer heard that she had passed the audition, she was extremely happy. The gloominess that had hovered over her this entire time instantly dispersed.

Ning Shu just smiled faintly without saying anything. Afterwards, she would stay by Mai Douer’s side every day to look after her. Even when the filming took place at night, she would be present.

She ended up gaining the label of a good manager. Towards this, Ning Shu could only say, you guys are overthinking things.

Even if she was going to target someone, she wouldn’t do it in the open. After all, if the original host came back and found out that she had been fired from her job, wouldn’t she fall apart? So then there would’ve been no point requesting this counter attack.

She had to make her position firm so that Mai Douer had no way to attack her.

Sooner or later, she was going to have a falling out with Mai Douer. She could already sense Mai Douer’s resentment towards her. If Mai Douer gained power, the first thing she’d do would definitely be to kick her off.

Ning Shu could understand the director’s intentions more now. Mai Douer had very pure looks, but her role was that of a licentious wretch that seduced men shamelessly.

It was seriously a huge contrast. Just imagine someone with such a pure face making moves to seduce men. This role would end up gaining explosive power.

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