QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0523

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Chapter 523: How Dare You Sneak Attack Me!?

Ning Shu didn’t want to pay attention to this girl anymore and moved to pass by her. Xie Yu walked towards Ning Shu and placed his hand on Ning Shu’s shoulder. His hand was very heavy so Ning Shu was almost forced to kneel.

“This senior brother, you’re a little too rude in the way you speak with girls,” said Xie Yu mildly. “Every girl deserves to be protected and cherished.”

“Senior Brother Xie,” called Yan Jiao. “This person is seriously too loathsome!”

Ning Shu looked at Xie Yu. He had very handsome and bright looks, but cold murderous intent flickered in his eyes. This murderous intent was directed towards her.

Fudge, it was so heavy. She was about to kneel. Ning Shu immediately wailed and fell to a kneel on the ground. Her face twisted in agony as she pointed at Xie Yu and shouted, “You’re so malicious! You actually dared to sneak attack me!? My shoulder was almost crushed!”

Xie Yu looked at his own hand in confusion. When he saw that a lot of people were looking in this direction and that this useless trash was actually rolling around on the ground like he was in pain, his expression filled with contempt. This person was seriously trash. It was a good thing that Shi Huidi didn’t end up marrying this man, otherwise her life would’ve been ruined.

“A disciple of Iridescent Sect has attacked a disciple of my Heavenly Law Sect without reason? Are you trying to start a sect war?” asked Heavenly Law Sect’s elder coldly.

Xie Yu was a very proud person so he immediately said, “I didn’t do anything to him. You can pull open his clothes to see.”

“Elder, my internal organs have been injured by this person’s primordial energy, it hurts.” Ning Shu struggled to her feet and looked towards the elder with a pitiful expression.

The elder gave her a pill.

“Is Iridescent Sect trying to break off relationships with Heavenly Law Sect?” The elder had been watching at the side and had seen this male disciple approach.

“Senior Uncle, Junior Brother Xie was just joking with your esteemed sect’s disciple. He had no intention of attacking him.” Shi Huidi walked over calmly and bowed respectfully to the elder before speaking.

“Liangyue.” The elder looked towards Ning Shu since it was the younger generation’s affair. It wasn’t appropriate for him to get involved too much.

A Heavenly Law Sect disciple came over and said to Ning Shu, “Wei Liangyue, let it go, alright? It’s nothing big anyways.”

“Senior Sister Huidi has already explained the situation,” said another disciple. As he spoke, he glanced over towards Shi Huidi.

Ning Shu: …

“Big pervert, are you trying to get involved with Senior Sister again? Even though clearly nothing had happened, you’re making such a huge deal out of it! Are you still a man? Nothing happened but you started rolling around on the ground!” said Yan Jiao angrily.

“If I’m not a man, are you a man?” Ning Shu rolled her eyes at Yan Jiao. “Sis, don’t be so stupid, otherwise you won’t even know it when someone sells you off.”

“Who are you calling sis? Who’s your sis? Call me that again and I’ll rip off your mouth!” said Yan Jiao fiercely.

See? She just couldn’t catch the main point.

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