QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0490

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Chapter 490: You’re the Only One Fit to be Our Empress

“This miss, has this empress seen you before? This empress feels like you’re familiar, like we’ve met before.” Ning Shu narrowed her eyes as if she was trying to recall when she had seen her.

Huo Qing moved in front of the little fox protectively and said, “Jin Ling grew up in Qu county, so how could you have seen her before? There’s no need for you to arrange her living quarters, we will personally handle it.”

After Huo Qing said that, he took the little fox’s hand and left. The little fox turned around to stick her tongue out at Ning Shu with an expression of contempt.

Once they left the palace, Huo Qing turned around and poked the little fox’s nose with a slightly annoyed expression even as he said dotingly, “Girl, your personality is truly strange. She’s currently the empress. You shouldn’t make an enemy of her. It wouldn’t be good for you.”

“Humph!” The little fox lifted her head and bit Huo Qing’s chin. She said tsunderely, “I just don’t like her! Huo Qing, you can only have me in your heart. You’re not allowed to have anyone else, otherwise I’ll leave this imperial palace and look for some other beautiful guy.”

Huo Qing lightly slapped the little fox’s butt. “You belong to us, we won’t allow you to look for anyone else. We’ll kill every man that you find. We’d like to see who’d dare to touch you. No one would dare to touch the woman we love.”

“Humph! I don’t belong to you.” When the little fox heard what Huo Qing said, although she immediately refuted, she was feeling pretty happy. Huo Qing was so good to her and he was also this handsome. There was no way she could bear to leave him!

Huo Qing leaned over and bit the tip of her ear before saying heatedly, “If you don’t belong to us who do you belong to?”

The little fox’s legs went limp and her face flushed as she looked towards Huo Qing with her glimmering eyes. Huo Qing was aroused by her gaze and immediately picked her up to carry her towards his resting chamber.

After several rounds of tumbling clouds and rain, the little fox was currently drawing on Huo Qing’s chest with her delicate fingers as she said, “Huo Qing, I hate the fact that you have so many women in your inner palace. And the empress, I hate her. I especially hate how she looks at me.”

Huo Qing caught the little fox’s hand and lifted it to his lips to kiss it. “She’ll soon no longer be the empress. You’re the only one in our heart. You’re the only one fit to be our empress.”

After Huo Qing and the little fox left, Imperial Noble Consort Xuan rushed over to find Ning Shu. “Did that woman come back? This subject consort heard that His Majesty has brought back a woman.”

“Drink some tea. She has come back,” said Ning Shu mildly. “She’s the daughter of a ninth rank official.”

Huo Qing didn’t arrange for the little fox to have too dazzling of a background since it was easy for people to look into things if her background was too conspicuous. Moreover, aristocratic families register their descendents.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan bit her lips as she asked, “Your Imperial Highness, when can we move forward with our plan?”

“There’s no rush. This empress knows that you want to get revenge, but things must be done slowly.” Ning Shu waved. “This isn’t the right time.”

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan sighed, then said mournfully, “This subject consort wants to get revenge for the child now. Revenge, all that’s left for this subject consort is revenge.”

“There’s no rush,” said Ning Shu mildly. Anything that crossed a boundary would cause a backlash.

When the consorts and concubines of the inner palace found out that His Majesty had brought a woman back to the palace, they all flooded Ning Shu’s palace to find out what kind of woman had actually made His Majesty break the rules and bring her directly into the palace.

First it was a fox that snatched away all of His Majesty’s attention and now a woman rumored to be extremely beautiful had appeared. It was seriously endless!

Ning Shu just said that it was a woman His Majesty liked and that she was very beautiful.

Following that, rumors spread from the inner palace that His Majesty brought back a woman that was as beautiful as a celestial.

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