QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0466

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Chapter 466: To Make a Man Fall Fully

Having been hit on the head, the puppy fell to the ground and convulsed uncontrollably while whimpering. Another guard hit its head and its head became completely deformed as blood spurted out.

“AAh…” Huo Chengwang screamed. Ning Shu hastily hugged Huo Chengwang so that he couldn’t see it anymore.

In the instant that the dog was beaten to death, Huo Qing covered the little fox’s eyes. The little fox was trembling in fear. Huo Qing whispered in the fox’s ear, “Don’t be afraid of us, we won’t treat you that way. That’s nothing but an animal, but you’re the most important in our heart.”

Huo Qing comforted the little fox, then turned towards Ning Shu coldly and said, “The empress’s duty is not just to manage the inner palace well, you also must look after the children. As a child of the imperial family, he cannot be so obstinate and casual.”

Ning Shu hugged Huo Chengwang who was trembling in her arms and bowed with a sorrowful sigh, “This subject wife will remember.”

Huo Qing paid no attention to Ning Shu’s obvious sadness and left with the little fox. Ning Shu watched as he walked away, then curled her lips in a cold smile.

Huo Qing truly was a strong opponent ah.

“Aunt.” Xiao Qingyan’s eyes were slightly red. He was still lying on the stool, so weak that he couldn’t get up. Ning Shu had an eunuch carry Xiao Qingyan on his back.

The dog’s corpse was taken as well and brought back.

Huo Chengwang continued sobbing in Ning Shu’s arms. He grabbed Ning Shu tightly, his entire body trembling. He had his eyes squeezed shut as if he didn’t dare to open them.

Ning Shu sighed and gently patted his back as she said softly, “Chengwang, don’t be scared. Imperial Mother will protect you, Imperial Mother will protect Chengwang.”

Ning Shu carried Huo Chengwang back to her palace. Huo Chengwang wouldn’t let go of her, so she just keep hugging him.

“Aunt, it was my fault. I didn’t look after the little prince well enough.” Xiao Qingyan wiped at his tears.

“What exactly happened?” asked Ning Shu with a frown.

Xiao Qingyan told her everything that had happened.

The two little boys had been playing tag in the imperial garden when the little fox who had just recovered from her injuries came out to play and encountered the two boys and the dog. The little fox saw the chubby and white little kids playing with a dumb dog, so she ran over to mess with the dog.

However, the dog was nowhere as smart as the fox. When it smelled the fox, it started chasing her. When Huo Qing came over to find the little fox, it was just in time to see the little fox being chased by a dog. He was furious. When he saw that the two animals started tussling together happily, he became even more enraged and envious. Intense possessive feelings flooded into his heart.

He walked over and kick the dog away, then patted the dirt off the little fox before setting her in his arms. When he turned to look towards Huo Chengwang and Xiao Qingyan, his eyes were filled with displeasure.

It had been a long time since Huo Chengwang had seen his imperial father so he was very happy to see him. However, before he could even say anything. Huo Qing started berating him for being talentless and mannerless. When he found out that Xiao Qingyan was here to study with Huo Chengwang, Huo Qing said that it was the study companion’s duty to take responsibility for the prince’s wrongdoings and so Xiao Qingyan was to be beaten.

After that, Huo Chengwang came to look for Ning Shu.

This even ended up leading to the death of a dog, but Ning Shu knew that this was actually a warning from Huo Qing to her, to the Xiao family.

The little fox seriously caused trouble wherever she went. Ning Shu couldn’t afford to fight Huo Qing head on before she gained complete control of the situation.

To make a man fall fully, one must first make him go insane. She’d be waiting to see the crazy lengths Huo Qing would go for the little fox.

It was really quite ironic. He didn’t have any feelings for his wives, not even gratefulness. He was even indifferent towards his own son, but he was willing to give all his passion to a fox. He practically gave all the emotions he had in this lifetime to a fox.

Ning Shu was cursing inside. The female lead’s golden thumb was seriously too thick. Her halo was practically so bright it blinded.

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