QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0512

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Chapter 512: All the Warmth and Cold in the World

The main character in this world was a male disciple of Iridescent Sect called Xie Yu. He was a male lead with a ton of luck. His cultivation shot up like he was equipped with cheats and he was even able to defeat people above his level. All geniuses would be instantly KOed by him and all sorts of rare encounters net him mounds of treasures.

A lot of women inevitably gathered around outstanding men. Even Shi Huidi was stunned by this junior brother’s splendor. Xie Yu tended to be very gentle with all women and would treat each woman with passionate love, so he started gathering all sorts of beauties like he was collecting stamps at a tempo like he was building a harem of three thousand beauties.

Xie Yu also liked this cold celestial-like Shi Huidi. When he found that that senior sister’s fiancé was someone like that, he pitied Shi Huidi and started giving her treasures he obtained that would help with her cultivation.

At first Shi Huidi refused to accept them, but she was moved by a sentence that Xie Yu had said: You can only break free from having your life arranged for you if you were strong enough.

Shi Huidi hated the fact that the original host, Wei Liangyue, didn’t work hard. He clearly had a lot of resources to help him, but he just abandoned all restraint. This world was very harsh and those who didn’t have power didn’t have the right to speak. So in the future, the disparity between her and Wei Liangyue would only grow greater.

In plain terms, in this world, Shi Huidi was like the luminous pure moon in the sky while Wei Liangyue was a lazy dog that was plopped down on the ground.

When Wei Liangyue found out that some other man was hovering around his fiancée, he led people over to sort Xie Yu out. However, every single time he tried, he just got humiliated by Xie Yu, then he’d have all the equipment on him stolen.

Wei Liangyue was practically Xie Yu’s treasure-delivery boy.

In the end, when Wei Liangyue and Shi Huidi were about to get married, Xie Yu charged into the wedding on Shi Huidi’s behalf and snatched her away.

When Wei Liangyue saw the woman who was about to become his wife sob in someone else’s arms with an incomparably touched expression, he felt so angry that his liver hurt.

Wei Liangyue’s dad was fiercely protective of his son, so when he saw that his son had been humiliated, he wanted to kill Xie Yu. However, who was Xie Yu? He had godly weapons, godly beasts, and all sorts of trump cards. He easily gave Wei Liangyue’s dad a severe injury.

Xie Yu had kidnapped the bride right in front of Heavenly Law Sect and severely injured an elder of Heavenly Law Sect. That was clearly slapping Heavenly Law Sect’s face! With this, how could Heavenly Law Sect continue to hold prestige in the cultivation world? So they wanted to kill Xie Yu.

No matter how strong Xie Yu was, he was still of the younger generation and couldn’t compare to the who had cultivated for much longer. With so many people attacking him, he ended up injured. In the end, he had to pull out a trump card to escape with Shi Huidi. Before leaving, he vowed fiercely that in the future, he would come back and destroy this sanctimonious den of beasts!

So that was how the wedding was ruined. Wei Liangyue became a laughingstock and his dad had been severely injured. Xie Yu had truly been very sinister in his attacks so Wei Liangyue’s dad died not long after this incident. From then on, the original host had no one else to rely on in Heavenly Law Sect. The people that had treated him with so much respect before now looked at him coldly. They ridiculed him just as much as they had been polite to him in the past.

Wei Liangyue had tasted all the warmth and cold in the world and now wanted to work hard on training, but he found that he didn’t have any resources to help him. From the start, cultivating was something that went against the natural order of the world. Wei Liangyue didn’t have much talent so wanting to get revenge against Xie Yu whose cultivation shot up like a cheat was completely just a pipe dream.

It was only now that Wei Liangyue discovered how hard it was to advance without his father’s protection. By the time Xie Yu’s cultivation reached a good point and he came back for revenge, he was able to destroy Wei Liangyue with just a lift of his hand.

As Wei Liangyue looked at Shi Huidi who was standing with Xie Yu, he cried bitter, regretful tears. He had lost everything because of a woman.

He had lost his father, his woman ran off with someone else, and his past followers were now bullying him.

Ning Shu lit a candle for this kid.

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