QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0589

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Chapter 589: Second Audition

Ning Shu said in slight annoyance, “Can’t you talk properly? Originally there was a sports shoes commercial that I wanted you to apply for, but now that I see your behavior, I feel like it’s not a good match for you.”

“No, no, Big Sis Chen, in my heart you’re a person of noble character and unquestionable integrity, so you shouldn’t do something like retracting a decision.” Xie Yu instantly lifted his chest and stood up straight as he said this seriously.

Ning Shu shot him a glare. “The day after tomorrow, I’ll take you to the audition. You’d better work hard. For the time being, whenever you have free time, go jogging with sports shoes in order to get more of a feel.”

“I definitely won’t let an opportunity that Big Sis Chen worked so hard to get for me slip by!” Xie Yu was really good at sweet-talking.

Ning Shu folded her hands behind her back and gave an aloof nod before leaving.

When she got back to her own apartment, the moment she stepped inside, her shoulders slumped down. She was exhausted!

After eating a little, she went to sleep. This body was still sick after all. She had been forcing herself to work. She felt like she was these talents’ nanny; she had to deal with every single little thing.

In two days, the dinner party in which Mo Juefeng and Mai Douer got involved with each other would arrive, but Ning Shu didn’t have plans to bring Mai Douer this time. She was going to let the other two female talents go.

Although the ties between the male and female leads couldn’t be broken and they would encounter each other sooner or later, Ning Shu didn’t plan to let them meet this soon.

She had to make Mai Douer suffer a good amount first.

Early the next morning, Ning Shu went to find Mai Douer to bring her to another audition. Her plan was to take Mai Douer to all the filming locations nearby over the next few days.

When she got to Mai Douer’s apartment, she saw that Mai Douer was staring fixedly at the actors on the TV. It was obvious that she was studying their style of acting.

Ning Shu walked over and said, “Just watching won’t do anything, you have to slowly build an understanding through experience. We’ll be going to another audition today.”

When an audition was mentioned, Mai Douer’s face paled a little and she said, “Big Sis Chen, can we look for a gentler director? That director yesterday was so fierce.”

Mai Douer had been about to cry from being scolded by that director.

Ning Shu replied mildly, “Right now, they’re the ones with the right to be picky about us. Everyone goes through these trials unless they come from a good background or have someone influential supporting them. At the very least, you have to be somewhat popular, otherwise why should other people be polite to you?”

“Just work at it slowly. You’ll eventually get there,” said Ning Shu comfortingly.

However, Mai Douer didn’t feel comforted at all and these words actually cast a shadow in her heart.

Ning Shu pulled Mai Douer to head towards the filming location. On the entire way there, Mai Douer’s facial color was very poor. She said, “Big Sis Chen, I want to take on some small jobs first, then I want to apply for performing lessons. If I take part in filming without any experience like this, I’ll just keep getting scolded.”

“Big Sis Chen, you helped Qiao Yi sign up for music related classes. I also want to sign up for performance related classes,” said Mai Douer with a slight bit of beseeching in her tone.

The assistant last time had given her fifty bucks for her performance. At that time, she had wanted to just tear the fifty apart. She would’ve felt less embarrassed if she hadn’t gotten paid.

She didn’t tell Chen Xi, this manager, about being paid fifty dollars.

Ning Shu turned to glance at Mai Douer before looking ahead again. “You’re a talent I’m managing, so I hope that your career will develop well. As for signing up for a performance course, there’s really no need. Nothing taught in those classes can compare to your own understanding and intuition gained from first hand experience. You need to figure out your own sense for the camera and bring the character to life in your own way. By working with seniors in this field, you’ll be able to learn a lot more.”

“There’s nowhere else that you can learn as much as the live filming scene. There are plenty of seniors there for you to learn from. Since you’ll have to enter the acting circle sooner or later, why not get used to this environment sooner?” Ning Shu explained the situation in a reasonable manner.

Mai Douer couldn’t think of anything to say in response to Ning Shu’s words. Although her manager seemed to be doing this all for her, she felt really uncomfortable and couldn’t help but feel that her manager really didn’t care about her opinion at all.

When they got to the filming location, Ning Shu asked the director to give her talent a role. She said that any role was alright because her talent wanted to polish her acting skills.

This director was even harsher than the previous director and directly had Mai Douer be the stand-in for the female lead during a suspended wires martial arts combat scene.

She would wear the same clothes as the female lead, but only her back would be filmed. In this role, she wouldn’t even have a chance to show her face.

Ning Shu: …

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