QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0405

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Chapter 405: Perhaps the Parents’ Generation

Ning Shu was startled by the sight of the skull and stumbled back. She stepped on something brittle and when she looked down, found that it was a femur and almost jumped up.

The frick? Why decorate the place in such a frightening way? Couldn’t she put the bones away?

“What exactly did you provoke? It’s very strong.” A raspy voice came from behind her and she immediately got up. It was completely dark in here, so she hadn’t noticed the fact that someone had been behind her.

With a click, the lights were turned on. Ning Shu rubbed her eyes, then saw that there was an extremely old, hunched over woman in front of her. Her face was filled with deep wrinkles left by time, but her gaze was very stern and sharp as she seized Ning Shu up.

Ning Shu said, “Grannie, I encountered trouble, so I wanted to ask you for help.”

The shaman sat down and said, “Sit.”

Ning Shu hastily sat down in front of the shaman. There was a small tea table between them that contained all sorts of strange objects.

The shaman lit the lamp on the table and it started emitting a mild, fresh fragrance. Ning Shu coughed softly, then asked, “Grannie, what is this? It smells quite nice.”

“It’s made from soul-erasing grass. When inhaled in large doses, it causes a person’s soul to disappear and the person becomes a living dead.”

Ning Shu: …

She started holding her breath. The shaman glanced at her and asked, “Didn’t you leave to go to school? How did you end up provoking something like this? These things are the strongest, they’re filled with yin energy. Did you get possessed?”

Ning Shu shook her head. “I haven’t been possessed. Is there anything that can help me get rid of it?” She recounted everything that happened in the dorm.

The shaman looked at her sternly and said, “All things are the effects of cause. There’s naturally a reason that this female ghost ended up coming for you guys. Someone within your dorm has a past with this ghost.”

“That’s not possible. We all started college just this year? We don’t know this female ghost, and I grew up in this village so there’s even less of a chance that I’m involved,” refuted Ning Shu.

The shaman simply glanced at her. “If it’s not related to you guys, perhaps it’s related to your parent’s generation.”

Ning Shu: →_→

This was going to involve both generations?

However, Zhuang Yutong was the most pitiful and the most innocent out of all of the girls in the dorm. In the storyline, Ji Qingyuan and Lin Qianqian had managed to find a Daoist priest to exorcise the ghost, but by that time, Zhuang Yutong had already died.

“Grannie, then what should I do? Is there any way to get rid of this ghost?” asked Ning Shu. “This ghost doesn’t seem to have a conscience. Even if it’s because she harbors resentment towards someone in the dorm, she’s trying to kill everyone. I almost died from being run over by a car.”

The shaman said mildly, “This kind of thing can no longer reincarnate. It has rejected the life cycle and only consists of resentment now. Once provoked, it won’t rest until you die. These things have no conscience in the first place. They’re practically demons. Things would be alright if you exorcise it, but if you don’t, your life will continue to be disrupted. Those with strong fortunes wouldn’t die, but their life would be filled with poverty. Those whose fortunes aren’t as strong will die without doubt.”

It was clear that Lin Qianqian was someone with great fortune while the other three were fated to have short lives.

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