QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0515

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Chapter 515: Hey Handsome, Interested?

Ning Shu felt that this body’s potential was really crappy. She had cultivated for a very long time and had used up all the crystals that Wei Ming brought her, but she still hadn’t broken through to the spirit master stage.

Spirit disciple, spirit master, spirit sage… There were a lot more levels above this, but the original host was a spirit disciple that had just started cultivating. He was seriously unbelievably low-leveled, but he had actually fought against Shi Huidi who was several levels higher than him.

It was seriously a fancy way of courting death. Could it be that he just wanted to get closer to his goddess?

After she got seriously tired of staying in the room, she decided to take a walk. The moment she stepped out, a continuous stream of people came over to say hi and asked her if her injury had gotten better. Ning Shu looked at them and saw the contempt and ridicule in their eyes, as well as their envy, jealousy, and hatred. However, the words they spoke were very sincere.

They knew that Wei Liangyue tended to be very generous in his spending. If they got on his good side, they could get things to help with their cultivation.

Ning Shu felt that the original host was pretty pitiful. Only strength, exceptional strength, would gain people’s respect. Even though the original host was like a wealth spreading boy in Heavenly Law Sect, it didn’t get him a single true friend and the people who he had given so much to actually just thought of him as a foolish spendthrift.

This was also due to Wei Ming. A lot of people wanted to curry favor with him, so Wei Liangyue ended up growing up in an almost fake world. The moment Wei Ming died, Wei Liangyue was thrown into cruel reality.

She encountered female disciples during her walk as well. Some of them look towards her with extreme loathing while others looked at her provocatively and lifted their skirts to reveal their slender and fair thighs. They were practically on the brink of saying, hey handsome, interested?

Ning Shu’s feelings were very complicated. There actually came a day where women were trying to seduce her. After walking around for a while, Ning Shu felt like it was better to just go back and train. Facing these weird looks was seriously stifling.

She sat down again in a mediation pose on the bed and looked at the primordial crystal in her hand. Primordial crystals were rocks that were either transparent or contain traces of impurity. It contained the world’s primordial energy and could be absorbed directly.

Ning Shu suddenly recalled the fact that 2333 was worn out from using up too much energy. This primordial energy also counted as a sort of energy, so 2333 might be able to use it?

“System 2333-sama, take a look at this primordial crystal. Can you use its energy?” Ning Shu silently called for 2333.

“The energy’s too low-grade. Thanks for the offer,” replied 2333 directly, his tone filled with disdain.

Ning Shu: The fudge.

It felt like she had been asking for humiliation. If she had known earlier, she wouldn’t have asked.

“Ning Shu, mwuah! If there are suitable energy sources, I’ll tell you.” 2333 hastily added.

Ning Shu started absorbing the energy in the primordial crystals. After a very long time, she finally break through to the spirit master stage and became a weak little spirit master. She could finally count as a cultivation newbie now. There was only enough primordial energy in her body to release one large technique.

After getting to the spirit master stage, Ning Shu still continued to train nonstop. There was no way Wei Ming would be able to protect her constantly. If she was too weak, she’d be KO-ed in an instant and she’d end up failing her task.

When Wei Ming came to visit and saw that his son had finally become a spirit master, he felt much more reassured about the future. He let a spirit beast out from his spirit beast pouch and said to Ning Shu, “From now on, this will be your contract beast.”

Ning Shu looked at the human-height eagle with its sharp curved beak that was also looking at Ning Shu with its sharp gaze. Ning Shu didn’t know if she was just overthinking things, but she felt like the bird was looking at her with disdain.

It was enough that people look at her with disdain, but even a bird was looking at her with disdain?

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