QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0438

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Chapter 438: Lin Qianqian, Possessed x???

Meanwhile, Ji Qingyuan couldn’t bear to let his girlfriend suffer anymore and went back home to beg the Daoist priest. Finally, the priest agreed to exorcise the ghost.

Ji Qingyuan was very displeased with this arrogant old priest. If he was going to exorcise the ghost, he should just do it. What was he being so arrogant for? The Ji family treated him like an honored guest and gave him high quality accommodations, but the priest still treated them all with disdain.

However, since he needed the priest’s help, he could only suppress his dissatisfaction.

The dorm was quiet for a few days. The ghost didn’t appear or bother Lin Qianqian, so Lin Qianqian was able to have a few days of sound sleep and looked a little better.

However, Ning Shu felt very uneasy and her palm was sweaty as she gripped the soul pearl. It felt like the calm before the storm.

Outside the dorm, it was completely dark. There wasn’t even a gust of wind so the surroundings were abnormally quiet. It was almost deathly still.

Ning Shu’s feeling of trepidation became even worse and she pushed Su Manyu. “Wake up.”

“What’s wrong?” Su Manyu’s voice was very sleepy. “It’s so late, sleep.”

Ning Shu whispered, “I have a bad feeling, don’t sleep anymore.”

“Alright.” Su Manyu yawned.

The surroundings seemed to become even more dark and inky. Ning Shu extended her hand but couldn’t even see her fingers. When she looked towards the window, there was no light from outside either.

She clenched the soul pearl worriedly. She was finding it difficult to breathe in this darkness. Su Manyu said, pained, “Yutong, I can’t breathe.”

“Me too. What’s going on?” Ning Shu felt like the ghost had come in, but it was just intuition. She hadn’t sensed it. Could it be that she was trying to suffocate them?


Movement came from Lin Qianqian’s bed. The sound was abnormally conspicuous in the deathly silent room. Following that, there was the sound of heavy footsteps.

Lin Qianqian had gotten up, but in her current condition, she shouldn’t have been able to get up at all. She didn’t cry out in pain either.

Fudge, it possessed Lin Qianqian again. This ghost must be addicted to possessing Lin Qianqian. It was always possessing her.

Ning Shu felt for the flashlight near her pillow and opened it to point it towards the door. It was just in time to see Lin Qianqian walk out. She shoved Su Manyu and shouted, “Lin Qianqian’s been possessed.”

Ning Shu hastily jumped off the bed and chased after Lin Qianqian. Su Manyu hastily shouted, “Zhuang Yutong, wait for me! I can’t see!”

Su Manyu quickly climbed down the ladder and chased after Ning Shu.

Ning Shu ran extremely fast but she had to run to the entrance of the dorm to catch up. Lin Qianqian turned around and looked coldly at her, then reached out and yanked the lock on the dorm’s metal gate right off. The gate opened with a creak and she walked out. Ning Shu ran over to grab her, but she shook her right off.

Ning Shu hastily revolved her energy to stabilize her body. Her expression turned serious. It felt like this ghost had gotten more powerful again.

“Zhuang Yutong, Yutong!” Su Manyu finally caught up and stood next to Ning Shu while gasping for breath. She looked over at Lin Qianqian who was enveloped by a black aura. Lin Qianqian’s vicious gaze caused Su Manyu to shudder and she hastily looked away.

“Keep following me and I’ll kill you.” Lin Qianqian’s voice was very hoarse and sharp. It hurt like the grating of nails on blackboard.

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