QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0488

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Chapter 488: Participating in the Harvest

At night, Huo Qing visited again and got straight to the point. “Empress, it’s almost the harvest season. We’ll be leaving the palace to participate in the harvest with the citizens and check up on this year’s harvest while at it.”

Participating in the harvest with the citizens? That probably meant he was just going there to put on a show, then go sightseeing. Ning Shu said, “Your Majesty, should this subject wife go as well?”

Scenes like this usually required the emperor and the empress to go and don hemp clothing together to harvest the grains.

However, Ning Shu knew that Huo Qing wouldn’t bring her.

When Huo Qing saw the excitement and anticipation on the empress’s face, he immediately said, “Empress, there’s no need for you to go this time. This event will be very quick and someone must look after the palace. Also, have you found the criminal we had you look for?”

“This subject wife is currently looking into it. However, whoever did it truly was skilled. This subject wife couldn’t find any leads.” Ning Shu looked towards Huo Qing with a troubled and vexed expression.

An unnatural look flashed across Huo Qing’s face as he said, “No matter what, you must find the criminal!”

Ning Shu expressed her determination.

Huo Qing only said a few things before leaving. He didn’t even stay long enough for tea to brew. Ning Shu tsked as she watched Huo Qing rush out of the palace. It wasn’t like her place was a horror house. Was he really that scared of the little fox getting angry?

“Your Imperial Highness, it’s already been a long time since His Majesty has rested in your palace,” said Qing Zhu, a little worried.

Ning Shu took a sip of tea. “His Majesty will never come to this inner palace again, so don’t worry about it anymore and go to sleep.”

Early the next morning, Ning Shu led the consorts and concubines of the inner palace to the palace doors to see Huo Qing off.

Ning Shu found that there was now a little eunuch with sweet red lips and delicately flushed skin standing by Huo Qing’s side. Even though she was dressed in eunuch clothing, it couldn’t conceal her beauty.

Her eyes were lively and beautiful. Although they were large almond eyes, the ends were slightly lifted in an alluring manner.

When Huo Qing saw that Ning Shu was looking at the little eunuch, he smoothly stepped in front to block her line of sight as he said, “Empress, look after the inner palace well. We will be back very soon.”

Ning Shu curstied and said with a concerned tone, “This subject wife will remember. This subject wife will wait with the sisters for Your Majesty’s return. Your Majesty, take care.”

Right after she said that, she heard a soft snort but she pretended not to notice.

Huo Qing got on the carriage, then Eunuch Qiu shouted to set off and the long procession started heading out of the palace doors.

Ning Shu saw them off until the long procession was gone before turning to return to her own palace.

Since Huo Qing had left, the consorts and concubines became even more bored. They had dressed themselves up prettily, but His Majesty hadn’t even glanced at them.

Ning Shu had the consorts and concubines return to their own palaces and told them to just do some embroidery or find other ways to entertain themselves.

Perhaps it was due to the fact that Huo Qing hadn’t visited the inner palace for a long time and no one had gotten any imperial favor, because these women were now on better terms. Whenever they had time, they would gather to chat. After all, if they didn’t find something to pass the time with, they’d go crazy.

Imperial Noble Consort Xuan kept staring at the palace doors as she asked, “That eunuch is the little fox right? It’s too strange. How did a fox become human?”

“She’s extremely beautiful. As expected of a fox spirit,” said Imperial Noble Consort Xuan coldly.

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