QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0501

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Chapter 501: Lock Jin Ling Up For Now

Huo Qing found himself utterly isolated because the woman he loved stood on the opposite side from everyone. No one objected the fact that Huo Qing doted on a woman, but everything had to have a limit. Once the acceptable limit was crossed, there was bound to be a backlash.

Huo Qing doted on the little fox without any sort of principle or bottom line, which allowed the little fox to fearlessly break the rules that everyone was supposed to follow. Furthermore, the way he doted on her was built upon hurting others.

Everyone looked at Huo Qing, even the little fox. Huo Qing felt like he was standing in a position that was surrounded by an immeasurable abyss on all sides.

He gritted his teeth so hard his facial muscles trembled. His eyes were bloodshot and he felt like his heart was being boiled in oil. He couldn’t figure out how things had become like this.

This was someone’s scheme! They were using Hu er as a chess piece against him!

Huo Qing swallowed hard. He looked absent-minded as if his soul was about to leave his body. Why, why!?

“Let us discuss this matter later,” said Huo Qing with difficulty. “We will give everyone an explanation about this.”

“Your Majesty, how exactly do you plan to deal with this demon? Official Wang has already died and Her Imperial Highness almost died as well! This matter can’t be dropped just like this,” exclaimed Marshall Xiao. “Someone must take responsibility for the things that happened tonight!”

Huo Qing rubbed his forehead and he staggered. He almost fell, but the little fox hastily caught him and looked up at him with her clear eyes. Huo Qing’s heart melted at the sight of this.

Huo Qing loved it most when Hu er looked at him this way. Her eyes were simple, pure, and beautiful. When she looked at him like this, he would feel like he had obtained the entire world.

We’re not feeling well, so let’s discuss this at a later date.” Huo Qing’s face was ashen and he trembled uncontrollably.

He was cornered and had no choice but to say, “Lock Jin Ling up for now.”

The little fox’s eyes widened and she looked at him in shock. Then her tears started falling. “Huo Qing, you’ve abandoned me for the sake of the throne! You keep saying that you love me, but you’re abandoning me!”

Huo Qing wanted to take the little fox’s hand, but the little fox took a step back. “You’ve abandoned me.”

Huo Qing felt like someone was twisting a knife into his heart. The pain was agonizing. He really wanted to tell the little fox that this was just a stop-gap measure and that he wouldn’t let anything happen to her.

However, the little fox didn’t know what Huo Qing was thinking. All she knew was that Huo Qing had abandoned her. He had abandoned her for power. He said he loved her, but that ultimately didn’t surpass his love for power.

“Huo Qing, I hate you! This is the love you have for me? You’re taking my life for the sake of power!” The little fox’s tears rolled down her cheeks silently in a beautiful manner.

Ning Shu: …

Ning Shu suddenly felt a lot of sympathy for Huo Qing. It must be so tiring to like someone whose line of thought was on a completely different wavelength. Any other woman in the palace would know the right choice to pick. As long as Huo Qing was still the emperor, they’d be fine.

The women that were born in the ancient era’s aristocratic families were truly different from the women of the modern era.

The little fox looked down on the women of the ancient era, but in some ways, although the women of the ancient era must rely on men, they had a clearer view of things and were more intelligent than the women of the modern era. For their motives, they were also willing to make appropriate sacrifices.

The little fox was currently acting out the scene of ‘I’ve been betrayed, my heart hurts enough to die.’ She seriously had no understanding of the situation.

These ministers had probably been shocked numb by this little fox. That and that they’ve knelt for too long, because they decided to just sit on the ground and watch the two.

Huo Chengwang quietly asked Ning Shu, “Imperial Mother, what will Imperial Father choose?”

“What do you think, Chengwang?” asked Ning Shu.

“It’s seriously not worth it to give up the throne for a woman, and for a woman like this too.” Huo Chengwang was silent for a moment, then he concluded, “Imperial Father will abandon her.”

“You think so?” Ning Shu didn’t voice her opinion.

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