QT Cannon Fodder’s Record: Chapter 0463

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Chapter 463: Heavens ah, Why Make Her a Fox?

With Ning Shu’s suggestion, all the consorts and concubines started sending food over for every meal to brush up on their sense of presence.

Huo Qing didn’t react at all to their enthusiasm and didn’t go to see any of the consorts because he was worried that Hu er, this little thing, would get angry.

However, the little fox was very angry to see all these soups and pastries. As expected, an emperor was just a big stud horse. She felt contempt for Huo Qing, but at the same time, she was jealous.

Although Huo Qing doted on her a lot, she was just a fox. He had so many beauties in his inner palace, how could she compare? Heavens ah, why did they make her a fox?

The little fox unhappily knocked over all the pastries and soups, then stomped all over them, making the table a mess. The little eunuch nearby lowered his head and acted like he didn’t see anything.

Huo Qing didn’t mind this and just said dotingly, “Shouldn’t you calm down now? Little thing, how are you so cute?”

The little fox humphed and haughtily turned away. The tsundere words ‘I’m really angry, don’t talk to me. I’ll ignore you even if you talk to me’ were practically spelled out in the air.

However, it just made Huo Qing laugh heartily. He picked up the little fox. “How is your personality so wild? It’s seriously cute. We don’t even know what to do with you.”

The little fox was really angry, but Huo Qing seemed to happy, so she bit his finger fiercely. This time, she bit really hard so he started bleeding.

“Your Majesty.” The little eunuch was alarmed and hastily asked, “Should the imperial physician be called?”

“No need.” Huo Qing thought about it, then placed his bleeding finger in his mouth and sucked it. He could almost feel the little fox’s breath on his finger.

His heart started pounding hard. It felt like he had shared an indirect kiss with the little fox. He couldn’t stop himself from licking the wound. Although it filled his mouth with the taste of blood, his entire body started heating up.

What was wrong with him? Was he sick?

“Wuuwuuwuu…” When the little fox saw that she had bit Huo Qing to the point that he was bleeding, she looked towards him with worry and self-blame in her eyes. Her eyes filled with tears.

“Your Majesty, this fox just injured your honored dragon physique. Should we…” Before the little eunuch even finished his words, he saw Huo Qing’s cold gaze and fell to his knees. “Your Majesty, please have mercy! Your Majesty, please have mercy!”

“Drag him down and beat him twenty times! He should learn what things should and should not be said,” said Huo Qing coldly.

Guards immediately came in to drag the little eunuch out. The personal eunuch next to Huo Qing said, “Your Majesty, this servant will head out as well to oversee the punishment.”

Huo Qing was itching for the room to clear out, so he waved dismissively to have that eunuch withdraw.

Once Eunuch Qiu withdrew, Huo Qing lifted the little fox and said, “Little thing, stop being angry now? You’ve already injured us. If there’s a next time, we won’t let you off.”

Although Huo Qing was saying that he was going to punish the little fox, his tone was very suggestive and made the little fox blush. She inwardly sighed in relief for the fact that she was currently a fox, otherwise her face would definitely be completely red.

When she thought about how much this man doted on and loved her, her tears crashed down. The fact that there was a man doting on her so much was perhaps a little compensation from the Heavens for putting her into a fox’s body.

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